Random Thought Generator Episode 1, Comic Book Influences

This is cool. It’s the debut of Therefore I Geek’s bi-weekly podcast. I just listened, and I thought they did a fine job. Jeremy will have a post about comics here tomorrow, and we’re hoping have a big discussion about feminism here on Friday. If you’re interested in that, see my last post.

Therefore I Geek


In the inaugrual episode of Random Thought Generator, Therefore I Geek’s Andrew and Tracy (that’s us!) discuss those comic books and strips that have influenced them. Starting from our earliest memories and moving on to more recent discoveries, we cover a wide variety of titles.


Calvin and Hobbes




Pearls Before Swine

Far Side

Tin Tin


Amazing Spider-Man

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns



Star Wars: Clone Wars


V For Vendetta

Atomic Robo




Pax Romana

Ready Player One

Amazing X-Men


Lock & Key

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We’re having a #FeministFriday chat on #wordpress this week, and all you #bloggers are invited.

I had this idea over the weekend. Diana and Gretchen encouraged me to take the shot, so I’m doing it.


I’ll publish a Feminist Friday post on Friday morning. I’ll tell you a story that you will find amusing, if not downright heartwarming, and then I will ask a few questions:

Is Feminism a politically useful label? If not, what do we do about it? Can it be made useful again, or do we need to get creative?

I will NOT argue either of these things:

  1. Feminism is dead (I believe it is alive).
  2. We should not reclaim the label as a positive identifier and use it proudly (we emphatically should).

The question is very specific. If we want to work together and advocate for full equality for women in a comprehensive sort of way, should we brand that effort a feminist enterprise? That’s what I’m getting at. I am all about results.

I picked this topic because I know a lot more about political activism than feminism, so it ensures that I will have something of substance to contribute.

Everyone who thinks women should have more equality is invited to read and join in. I plan to have the post up by 9 a.m. Central Time. If you don’t have time to join us on Friday, the thread will be here when you have time to stop by and catch up.

I must work for awhile Friday, but should be able to answer comments and chime in around 3 p.m. Central.

I’m keeping moderation of first-time comments on for a bit. If you’ve never commented on one of our threads, and you think this is a good idea, telling me so would be a good way to make sure your first comment isn’t held while I’m at work on Friday.

Here are a couple of Feminist Friday posts you’ll want to read if you missed them the first time. This time next year, I’ll be calling them classics.  Comparative Geeks: Holly on why we need female heroes and superheroes.  Alva’s Almanac: Why Feminist Friday is important.

Correction: It’s been so long now I can’t remember for sure, but I don’t think that CompGeeks post was actually a Feminist Friday post. It it does relate directly to this topic, though, and it’s definitely written from a feminist perspective.

image: I got it here with a Google search. Beyond that, I have no idea, but I am grateful to whomever snapped the pic, and will happily credit them if I ever find out who it was.