Hi! *waves.*  I’m Gene’O, resident mastermind at this fine blog. It’s my job to welcome you to the the party. So, welcome! Or, as I like to say on Twitter, #WelcomeToTheMadTeaParty. I hope you find something here you didn’t even know you were looking for.

This is not a personal blog. It’s an engine of Internet mayhem fueled by the contributions of friendly bloggers. I recruit serial contributors from time to time and I’m always open to guest post pitches.



First time aboard? Here be the code.

Want to sail with us?  We’s a mighty friendly crew.

We’re building a seven-day-a-week pop culture blog with a geeky twist. Our goal is to post every day. We blog comics on Wednesdays, sometimes more often, and we always try to have a couple of TV series reviews going.

We also do lists and blog books. I post music videos on Fridays, publish original photos here, and sometimes write about blogging and social media on Sundays. We try and offer a little something for everyone.

SBSI tweet with bloggers @Sourcererblog and I am a  #SundayBlogShare regular. Many of our contributors and friends also tweet.

Sourcerer has a Facebook page. If you’d like to have us in your news feed, just like the page, give us half a dozen post likes, and we will magically appear.

Following our page is a three-for-one deal, because we publish posts from my sister Diana’s blog, Part Time Monster, and my personal blog there as well. I also share things I like from other blogs on the Sourcerer page.

We have extensive topic menus to help you find what suits you.

  • For work by a specific author, see Bylines.
  • You can find our most popular posts on the Pop Cuture menu.
  • Many of the blogs we like to link to are listed in Blogs.
  • Sourcerer is a political no-go zone from here on out, but our early Feminist Friday Project posts are collected in Feminist! That project is still very much alive. We’re just doing it at other blogs now.
  • The “recent posts” on our sidebar will take you to contributors’ blogs.

    Do stop by again!

    Do come back to see us!

I blog around a bit. I contribute often to Part Time Monster and guest post for the incomparable Comparative Geeks on occasion.

You can learn more about me at my personal blog, Just GeneO.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoy Sourcerer enough to strike up a conversation with us sometime.

Keep blogging!


Blog background: Steampunk wallpaper by SatyrGod/Deviant Art

Front page header and blavatar: based on wallpaper from hqwide.com


7 thoughts on “Welcome!

    • Thanks very much. Found you through a mutual friend who found the #1000Speak thing through both you and me. Follwed you on Twitter, as well. @Sourcererblog over there, and the profile image is the same as the header of this blog, but it is really just good ol’ me. 🙂 Appreciate the stop-by.

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