Another reason to love #socialmedia

Those of you who have followed for awhile know that I am very circumspect about posting political stuff here. I confine my own political blogging to a narrow set of issues, and I try to keep Sourcerer’s content 85% pop-culture oriented. That’s because I built this blog for two reasons:

  1. To be fun; and
  2. To promote creative work that deserves more attention than it’s getting.

That said, political science is my primary academic discipline. Political sociology and power relationships in general fascinate me, and I keep up with what my government is doing, which means I read a lot of political writing. I love, especially, to read what liberal Southerners and what women have to say about politics.

So, I am very happy to have discovered Deep South Progressive today. I share some local connections with them. If I were going to devote my blogging career entirely to politics, the blog I’d want to build would look a lot like Deep South Progressive.  I never would have discovered them if not for social media. First a quote from their about page, then I’ll tell you how I stumbled upon them.

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