Weekend Music, and Thoughts on Feminist Friday

First, the most important part. I will never tire of posting this video. Listen to it while you read my words. Pink with Linda Perry:

Here is a Tweet I sent a week ago:

While I was dealing with a very intense situation last Friday, I had an idea and thought it was good enough to ask a couple of people I trust about it. So I asked. What I got back was encouragement, so, as soon as I was done settling all family business, I sat down and wrote my first Feminist Friday post. The minute I was sure I would be able to post it this week, we started getting the word out. I sacrificed Follow Friday on Twitter and the next installment of a very important series to do this. I even turned in early last night so I could be fresh for today. I was right, because here is what I woke up to.

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Is “#Feminism” a politically useful label any more? #FeministFriday Discussion

If not, can we revive it? Or do we need to get creative?

(I’m not arguing that feminism is dead; it’s alive, if a little unwell. I’m asking: If ¬†we all decided to get together and make a real push for women’s rights, would it be smart politics to brand that enterprise “feminist?” And what would our alternatives be? )

First, I’ll tell you a story, then I’ll explain why I’m asking this question.

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