Dept. of Humorous Oversights

I discovered last night that I can build lists in my WordPress reader. I asked the two WordPressbloggers I talk to most often if they knew this, and they did not. Posted on Facebook and someone else told me they noticed it after one of the upgrades a few months ago.

MONTHS! I’m kicking myself.

Every list I have on Facebook and Twitter is to keep up with bloggers. Soon I shall have lists for that here, too.

Those of you who have wondered over the last few months why you see so little of me despite your faithful likes and comments are in luck.

The reason you’ve seen so little of me is that even though I follow a relatively small number of blogs, most of you get lost in my reader. I don’t have a lot of time to spend with the reader, and gave up on it awhile ago as useless for keeping up with anyone. Well, now I can keep up. I can carefully and deliberately build a set of small-ish lists along these lines.

  1. Friendly bloggers I interact with on three networks.
  2. My closest Tweeps.
  3. Photobloggers to share on Facebook.
  4. #SundayBlogShare pals.
  5. Regular commenters who I should be giving more attention to, because comments are the gold standard of engagement to me.
  6. People who like almost everything we post, but we just never talk.
  7. Bloggers I had friendly conversations with and linked to in the beginning, but who fell off the radar as I moved into other networks and had less time to scan the reader.
  8. People I know from specific Facebook groups.

Then I can use those lists to see who is not on my Twitter and Facebook lists but should be. You get the idea, eh?

Do you you use the lists in the reader? And can anyone tell me when they were implemented? At one point I bookmarked 75 blogs because that was the only way I saw to keep up with them.

And now you know what I am going to do . . . . .


Muhuhaahaaha. ha. HA!


15 thoughts on “Dept. of Humorous Oversights

  1. I like this idea, except that I still don’t trust the reader here. At least you have other networks you use to interact and stay on top of latest posts as well. πŸ™‚

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  2. I noticed it a while back, maybe 6 weeks ago (?) and said, oh goody – just like Twitter. I set up a whole bunch of list categories and then when I went to fill them it seemed like I had to type in the exact URL of the blog I wanted to add – no intuitive search, so I just left them all empty!
    Has it changed, or am I missing something? If you know of an easier way and I don’t have to open 19 different windows to find the blogs I want to add to a given list, then I’ll use it.


    • Nope. That is the big problem. It doesn’t autocomplete. I wish it would allow you to just add blogs to lists by choosing a menu item from the reader or when you follow.

      I’m just desperate enough to type in the addresses. Not doing them all at once. As I need them. The lists will take until February to develop, but it’s worth the effort and the wait for me, because all I do on social media is blog, talk to friendly bloggers, and promote blogs.

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      • Well, now I’ve seen you liking posts on We Minored in Film today, and then here’ Patrick commenting on Sourcerer… ah, the Blogosphere is coming together… πŸ™‚

        Now I need to build my own lists! I have several bookmarks folders for looking at stuff, but also unwieldy, for sure.

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        • The lists are sweet once you get them together. I’m capping mine at about 20 at the moment.

          And I have a list for film blogs. ATM, it has We Minored in Film, True Classics, and Wonders in the Dark on it.


    • I don’t do email notifications. My problem with using just scrolling Blogs I Follow is the list is so big and peoples’ blogging schedules are so weird, there are bloggers I love talking to who I just never see in the reader.

      The lists are to keep bloggers I’ve known for months and chatted with a lot, and bloggers who consistently produce shareable stuff, from getting lost in the noise.

      Thanks for stopping by πŸ™‚


        • Ah. I see. Thanks for that, I misunderstood πŸ™‚

          I keep up with too many for that to be useful for me. Not enough time in the day to load up a front page just to see what someone’s writing. I have to have feeds to see what people are doing and check out what grabs me.

          I have little feeds all over the internet with 5 to 50 people in them each. The list is good for scanning and seeing who I haven’t visited in a while, though.

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