Weekend Roundup: New to the Blogroll

I realized yesterday that I needed to add a couple of people to the blogroll, and it turned out I needed to add a whole handful. Before we get to the links, here’s a video I love, because we haven’t had any live Leonard Cohen lately. This one’s long, but it is worth every minute.

I don’t know if anyone still uses blogrolls to find new blogs – I don’t use them that way any more, but I do look at them on my first visit to see if anyone I know is listed. I use my own blogrolls to remind me to check in with people. I look at my blogrolls once a week or so, and if I notice one I haven’t visited in a while, I go and see what they’re up to.

Since I had to copy the links anyway, I decided to do a roundup. The links go to their about pages, so that if you’ve never visited them, you can see what they’re about. I also follow most of them on Twitter.

Papersmashed, the blog of Eva Acharya, who writes and works in several other media. She’s trying to fund a short suspense film she’s written; you can find the details at her project page for “The Circle.”

That Montreal Girl, who does a lot of awesome photo blogging, and who I tweet with quite often.

The Ramblings of a Jedi Librarian, a great blog for reviews and other good stuff, written from a geeky perspective. I discovered her blog by chatting with her at Part Time Monster.

Shards of Silence, the blog of writer Vic Briggs. I haven’t known Vic very long, but we’ve already had several good conversations.

Science Fiction, Transmedia, and Fandom, the blog of independent scholar Natacha Guyot, who follows all our blogs and chats with me quite frequently.

Rose B. Fischer, another great blogger who is also a writer, and who I’ve had several great conversations with. She refers to the creative process as “Herding Muses,” and I think that’s the most apt metaphor for it I’ve ever encountered.

A few of these are blogs I discovered recently, but most of them should have been on the blogroll already. They all have interesting approaches to blogging and do fabulous work.

Edit: I realized after I posted this that I needed to include Not a Punk Rocker, who I’ve had lots of good conversations with.