Note to Bloggers

Got held up at work, then came home and found my Internet down, so I haven’t had time to browse around for the Feminist Friday roundup. I’m still planning to do one if I can find three good links.

I plan to do a surveillance post this weekend with an update on The Day We Fight Back and our alliance. I’ll be checking in with alliance members in the next day or two. I’m not sure what else I’ll do this weekend, but you know there will be at least a post a day here.

We’ve expanded into Stumbleupon. Jeremy had an old account and stumbled some of our stuff this week. We found a noticeable number of readers that way, so we’ve stumbled a few of our friends to see what it does for them. I don’t have the time to build a totally new network there, but Sourcerer has a Stumble account, followed by only Diana and Jeremy the last time I looked. It occurred to me that I should only Stumble blogs, and invite bloggers to follow us. Stumble feed rankings seem to be determined by likes. So, I am imagining what a large number of bloggers could do on a Stumbler profile that’s dedicated to promoting blogs.

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Zero to Hero Roundup: Ana, Anna Lynn, Ali


Finding new bloggers to have conversations with has been the greatest benefit of the Zero to Hero challenge to me. I haven’t displayed the badge on my sidebar because I haven’t been able to keep up with the assignments. I have tried to keep visiting Zero to Hero blogs and leave them likes and comments. I’ve also followed quite a few, and I have posted some things to the Zero to Hero tags just because I thought bloggers who are interested in learning new tricks might like to read them.

Today, my contribution is a roundup of a few Zero to Hero blogs with a comments about why I chose them for this feature.

Ana at Babbelogue revisits her most popular post and shares her experience of being Freshly Pressed. You want to read this post. It will show you something about how a sudden traffic spike can affect you. Having gone through this with my lucky sister recently, I can tell you, it’s true.

Alienorajt makes a confession.

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The Other “F” Word…. Taking Back the Meaning of Feminism

– I’ll still do a roundup this afternoon, but just can’t wait six hours to share this. I’ve bumped the morning post to noon.

Drifting Through

“You gotta cry without weeping, talk without speaking, scream without raising your voice…”

-U2, Running To Stand Still

Be firm, but be polite.  Be funny, but tactful.  Be hard, yet soft.  Be strong, yet understatedly so.  Be direct, but soften it with a smile.  Be smart, but don’t be too obvious about it.  Run the board room, but do it with humility.  Isn’t this what we’re taught?  Those of us of the “fairer sex”?  Not necessarily by our parents, although sometimes that is the case.  But by society.  We have surely come a long way in the last century.  While there are still these unwritten rules by which polite society would like for us to abide, we are far better off than we used to be.  Women are CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies.  Women hold key positions in national government.  We have opportunities and options and choices that women of…

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Review: Army of Darkness

– Because everything’s better with Bruce Campbell.

Therefore I Geek


All right you primitive screw heads, listen up.  We’re reviewing Army of Darkness.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with Army of Darkness, let’s get you up to speed real quick.  Army of Darkness is the third and best installment of the Evil Dead series.  Ash, played by Bruce Campbell, lived a pretty good life, working in housewares at S-mart (“Shop smart, shop S-mart”), until he and his girlfriend Linda went to a cabin in the woods for the weekend.  Unluckily for them, the cabin was being used by an archaeologist who was trying to translate the Necronomicon.  The happy couple then accidentally released some evil spirit into the world.  It possessed Linda and Ash’s hand forcing Ash to kill his girlfriend and cut off his own hand with a chainsaw. Eventually Ash gets sucked into a portal and thrown back into the year 1300, which is…

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