One of my personal goals for this project is to figure out how to build audiences and eventually get to the point where I can use these blogs to study how ideas spread over networks. A happy side effect of this goal is that it also allows me to build a knowledge base of blogging tricks. This is an index page for things I’ve either written or discovered that I think might be helpful to other bloggers. – Gene’O

1. Using Tags (Diana and I are agreed that we still haven’t mastered tagging strategy, but this is a start; we welcome discussion on this page).

2. Using Thunderclap (We actually pulled off a small Thunderclap in 2013, and we would like to do more of them, if we can identify other projects that have the characteristics required to make the Thunderclap worthwhile).

3. Our startup plan, written in Oct., 2013. We’re in a transition phase right now, but I like to have plans. They are useful for measuring progress toward goals, and learning from mistakes. I’ll have a new plan sometime in February.

image: Axe Bros.


2 thoughts on “Helpful

  1. I appreciate your helpful insight, I’ve learned quite a lot about blogging and twitter since I started following you! I’m a total newbie on Twitter but I’m beginning to appreciate it and enjoy it. Thanks for looking out for fellow bloggers and keeping us up on new developments!

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