Things I Hope to Write

This is all stuff I plan to publish either here or at Part Time Monster eventually. It will take months to work through it all, but at least I don’t need to worry about writing ideas for quite a while.

These are topics, not titles. The pretentious-sounding ones will be edited with the medium and audience in mind. Of course, I’ll continue to blog videos, link to things I enjoy, and build The Writing Catalog into a useful and entertaining place for readers and writers while I write all these awesome posts.

  1. Morality and Narrative Structure in Tolkien: Lost in Translation (book-to-movie adaptation analysis)
  2. How I trained myself to dream lucidly using only cognitive exercises (no mysticism involved)
  3. Reflections on the canonization of fiction – a very thorny and controversial issue.
  4. What is to be done about the Humanities?
  5. My approach to fantasy worldbuilding, and discussion of the world I am trying to set a fantasy epic in
  6. The manufacture and historical significance of the Hoplon
  7. My earliest political experiences (all between the age of four and second grade)
  8. Is the U.S. college loan system sustainable?
  9. The Second Defenestration of Prague
  10. Longships!!!
  11. Now that we have all this fabulous technology to maximize our individual freedom of speech, what can we do about our collective action problems, which don’t seem to be working themselves out?
  12. Terry Pratchett as a serious artist who uses his mastery of subtext to show us important things about how people relate to one another and make his point without preaching.
  13. Neil Gaiman, Mortality, and the Collective Unconscious
  14. Why The Dark Knight Returns deserves serious study
  15. The Sea Peoples and the Aegean Dark Age
  16. Political Geography is Awesome

3 thoughts on “Things I Hope to Write

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    • I don’t know J.K. that well, but that is entirely possible. I think Pratchett’s depth gets lost sometime because of the type of humor he uses to make his points. I can’t think of another author who has ever made me fall over laughing and then get a tear in my eye in the space of two pages.


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