Year One


(-G.: The pages on this menu are legacy pages. This is what I started with. I can’t kill them because I’ve linked to them extensively. I am also not updating them, and haven’t for months.Several of our best contributors did not even make it onto the contributors page, because no time to update a goshdarn static page. And they make an interesting comparison with the new ones, if you are a social science geek. These pages are a monument. 12/16/2014)

Sourcerer is part of a collaborative blogging project which includes:

1. Part Time Monster, an (accidentally) girl-centric blog about popular culture, family and nerdy things managed by Diana. PTM is our first multi-contributor blog, and it has an impressive list of contributors.

2. Sourcerer, a blog about pop culture and other geeky stuff managed by Gene’O. Sourcerer is also designed to be a collaborative blog. We began publishing the work of contributors in January, 2014.

3. Just Gene’O, Gene’O’s personal blog where he posts photos; personal missives; and thoughts about writing, literacy, and literature.

4. Quaint Jeremy’s Thoughts, Jeremy’s personal blog where he and contributors write about nerdy things, and sometimes beer.

We are an operation of family and friends. We blog because we enjoy it, we want to learn how to build an audience for our musings, and we want to meet people who share our interests. We like to keep things loose and funny, but we do occasionally blog about political and social issues at Just Gene’O and Part Time Monster.

You can find fan pages on  Facebook for PTMSourcerer, and Just Gene’O.  You can find us easily on Google+. Gene’O tweets @sourcererblog; Diana tweets @parttimemonster.

Our goal is to update PTM and Sourcerer daily. Quaint Jeremy’s Thougts has its own schedule, and Just Gene’O is an occasional blog.

We enjoy awards, because they’re fun, they are a good way to make friends, we enjoy positive feedback, and we’re always grateful when someone drops a free post in our laps. In fact, we like them so much, we’re happy to nominate you for one right this minute. See the last item on our Awards page for details.

Content policy: This is a non-commercial blog. We do our best apply fair use to text excerpts and use only attributable art that is licensed for non-commercial use. If you see something here that is attributed improperly, or if you own something we’re using and you want it taken down, please notify us immediately. We intend no copyright infringement, and we respect the intellectual property rights of our fellow writers, bloggers, artists, and creatives. If you share original work from this site, please attribute us with a hyperlink.

The work of individual bloggers here represents their own opinions. We value individual authorship and freedom of expression; we are not a hierarchy and we do not make statements as a group.

Comment Policy: Comments are moderated by Gene’O. Because we want to encourage discussion, we strive to publish as many comments as possible, and we prefer to maintain open comments threads. The Internet, though, is a wild and wily place. We recognize that some form of moderation is needed at times in order to foster productive conversation. Comments deemed unproductive or inappropriate due to flaming, harassment, name-calling, trolling, or spam will not be published. All comments that add to the conversation in thoughtful and engaging ways are encouraged.

We are open to considering guest blogs and regular contributors.

page updated 03/02/2014

21 thoughts on “Year One

  1. I have nominated you for the Sunshine Award as an inspirational blogger. Click the link to accept the nomination and follow the rules to nominate those blogs/bloggers that have inspired you !


    • I don’t know whether I missed this comment, or whether I just read the nomination post and then forgot to respond & update my awards page, but thanks! I appreciate the nod.


  2. Thanks for the follow. I’m really enjoying this collaborative project of yours; great writing and interesting posts and ideas. I’m so glad to have discovered it. 🙂


    • and I’m very happy you discovered it. I took a look at your blog earlier. I love those images you post. I have a reading, writing, and personal blog here: in case you haven’t found it yet. I have my personal gravatar on the sidebar there. I don’t update that one as often. I’m kind of like the editor, administrator, and chief content-producer here right now, so it takes up most of my time. I’m hoping to turn Sourcerer into a fully-collaborative blog with severa bloggers posting from their own accounts here, eventually. So I can put most of my time into the other one and build it into an everyday blog written by me 🙂 This will take awhile.


      • Thanks; I love blogging, but it does take up a lot of time. I keep thinking I’ll pull back a bit … but then I think of something else I want to say 🙂


          • Yeah! That’s it; it’s knowing (or at least hoping) that the words and pictures will reach out and touch someone enough that they respond. 🙂


            • yes 🙂 I’ve said this recently. I thrive on comments. I get all 😦 if I have to go too long without comments.


    • Hey, you’re welcome! I believe you have Sally Cronin to thank for that – I think I found you from one of her tweets.

      You confused me for a minute, then I thought about going and checking the Twitter profile. I’ll follow you on wordpress, as well, in a sec.


      • Yes, you are correct – Sally is the link. Really appreciate your interest. And don’t hesitate to send in a guest post if you wanted to share something with the readers. All the best, Paul.

        Liked by 1 person

    • Oh coool! thanks!

      That’s one I’ve never received! I’ll certainly take a look and at the very least, I’ll thank you in the most public way possible 😉

      I don’t always do nomination posts, but I always say thanks!


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