The Great and Powerful Blogging A to Z in April Theme Reveal . . . It’s a #GeekPastiche!

We have Diana to thank for this theme. I started planning in October for an A to Z Challenge with 12 contributors. It worked. The way we did it was I picked a few topics we write about often, invited some of my geeky friends to take those topics, and once we had enough of them nailed down to be sure we could do this, I invited the other contributors to take the letters that were left.

atoz-theme-reveal-2015Once the topics were in, I set about reverse-engineering a theme. Then I asked the group privately what they thought of it, and we had a conversation. The original theme I came up with was “Pop Culture Potpourri,” but my beautiful sister, who happens to be one of Stormy’s Sideckicks, dropped this line on the thread:

It’s a Geek Pastiche!

And so that is our theme. The links below will lead you into our archives and to the front pages and about pages of the bloggers who are contributing here next month. Just whatever you’re looking for, we’ve got it! We’re going heavy on comics, tv, and books, because we excel at those.

We do have one music post the first week (written by me), and a couple of Tolkien posts, (I love me some Tolkien.) I’ll even tell you which letters the contributors are taking. But if you want to know the actual topics, well. Tune in next month.

AtoZcollageContributors are listed by day. Some appear more than once. Some are regular contributors, some are guest bloggers.

For repeated names:

  1. The first link goes to author archives (for contributors) or about pages (for guest bloggers).
  2. The second goes to front pages.
  3. The mystery blogger will remain mysterious until April 25.

Beautiful system we’ve got here, really.

  • Week 1
    1. A – Wednesday, April 1 – David
    2. B – Thursday, April 2 – Jeremy
    3. C – Friday, April 3 – Gene’O
    4. D – Saturday, April 4 – Will
  • Week 2
    1. E – Monday, April 6 – Gene’O
    2. F – Tuesday, April 7 – Holly
    3. G – Wednesday, April 8 – David  
    4. H – Thursday, April 9 – Diana 
    5. I – Friday, April 10 – Luther
    6. J – Saturday, April 11 – Hannah


  • Week 3
    1. K – Monday, April 13 – Jeremy  
    2. L – Tuesday, April 14 – Gene’O
    3. M – Wednesday, April 15 – David
    4. N – Thursday, April 16 – Melissa
    5. O – Friday, April 17 – Rebecca
    6. P – Saturday, April 18 – Diana
  • Week 4
    1. Q – Monday, April 20 –  Holly
    2. R – Tuesday, April 21 – Luther
    3. S – Wednesday, April 22 – Jeremy
    4. T – Thursday, April 23 – Gene’O  
    5. U – Friday, April 24 – David
    6. V – Saturday, April 25 – a Mystery Blogger
  • Week 5
    1. W – Monday, April 27 – Luther
    2. X – Tuesday, April 28 – Natacha
    3. Y – Wednesday, April 29 – Natacha
    4. Z – Thursday, April 30 – Diana

And by the way. #GeekPastiche is registered to me. Contributors who are doing A to Z at your own blogs: tweet your posts to #GeekPastiche along with #AtoZChallenge. Other geeks and nerds who are looking for friends AND blogging A to Z in April: do the same.

Only links to geeky or nerdy A to Z posts, please. If I you send a link to that hashtag, I visit it, and I ask you to show me the geek, you must have an argument. And, at least until reflection day, if it don’t relate to A to Z, it don’t belong, though chatter is welcome. Respect the rules of this hashtag. please.

worlddominationI’m not going to police this very hard or define geek and nerd for you, but you know what I mean. A post about your favorite cake recipe is not a geeky post. But if you include a photo of the cake, and it’s an R2-D2 cake, well, that’s some nerdery going on right there and I’ll probably comment on the post 😉 I’m going as inclusive as I can with this, but there must be a minimal standard.

If enough people use #geekpastiche to make it worth paying attention to, we’ll do other stuff with it over the summer and invite more geeks and nerds to play games with our hashtag.

Yep. Rolling out a sparkly new hashtag with the A to Z theme here. And that is not the only one I’ve registered lately.

Want to see what we’ve got? Read a random post from our massive archive!

61 thoughts on “The Great and Powerful Blogging A to Z in April Theme Reveal . . . It’s a #GeekPastiche!

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  2. Waving arms like Kermit in excitement and holding mah breffs … wait a minnit … April, you say? … lowers arms and breathes in before purple face frightens the flock of ducks swimming on our front lawn!!! (because it’s STILL raining!)

    Liked by 4 people

    • Thanks! I’m eventually going to get caught up and and at least visit all the theme reveals in that directory file on the personal blog. Can’t wait to see what you came up with!

      Liked by 2 people

    • Oh. Indeed. And you feel free to run amok on #geekpastiche. I have a directory file at the personal blog right now. You’re listed, but might not have seen because it’s front-page links. That gets pasted in here next Tuesday, then truncated Tuesday night and the comments closed with a note that says “if you appreciate the introduction, show it by commenting on my friends’ A to Z posts.”

      What about that?

      World domination everywhere, obviously.

      Liked by 4 people

      • I saw! I dropped a like but possibly didn’t comment. I’ve been running around the internet (a blogger with her head cut off???) so not engaging deeply, as they say–heehee. World domination always and forever.

        Liked by 4 people

        • I’m horribly behind. Well. Not horribly. I’ve got the content, but I’ve lost the last two Sundays, which is my load-and-finish day. So, catching up the threads and then about to have my head in the dashboard for quite a while. So I understand “blogger with her head cut off.”

          April is going to be good. I just have a feeling. Don’t know about big traffic, but new friends a-comin’ for sure.

          Liked by 3 people

          • My schoolwork always comes in waves, and I’m currently in a “busy wave” so postponing the last few posts until it ends (which is conveniently the first week of April). Things lull again for a bit in the first two weeks there before picking up at the very end for finals. Just banking on that.
            Agreed about the friendship. Scrolling through the theme reveal I already found some people who look interesting and I’m excited about connecting with them. Who knows about traffic, but making friends is always good.

            Liked by 4 people

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    • Thanks! I like that so many people had input on the final thing. Is going to be good. Me doing the A to Z Challenge here would be awesome. A dozen people all doing it together? I don’t really have the words.

      Liked by 2 people

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    • Nice to hear, and thanks for stopping by!

      I like Steven’s blog, btw. I don’t frequent it much, but I’m on the Blog Blitz team and poked around over there a bit a couple of weeks ago.

      Happy almost-April!


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    • Yar. I remember saying something nice about Mr. Tremp to you earlier, I think. Possibly on another blog. One thing I can say about this particular blog: It is never dull. If it can’t find a way to be interesting, it is silent.

      Use the hashtag if you do something nerdy, please 🙂


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