Our Comments and Content Policies


Comments Policy

The everyday policy is easy. We rarely deal in controversy. I read first comments carefully, and we have awesome followers, so this suffices 363 days out of the year.

  1. Respect everyone you interact with here as fellow human beings.
  2. Be yourself, but don’t be mean.

On extremely rare occasions, a More Robust Policy is needed.

The More Robust Policy

  • 1(a) Racist, sexist, homophobic, abelist, inappropriately sexual, and otherwise hateful, harassing or dehumanizing comments, etc. are deleted;
  • 1(b) AND the best thing that can happen in that case is I moderate the offender’s every word at my convenience from that point forward.
  • 2(a) I reserve the right to remove any comment or flag anyone for indefinite moderation at any time, for any reason, with or without an explanation;
  • 2(b) AND to delegate that authority to co-administrators as I see fit.


I can count the number of times I’ve deleted comments or flagged people in the last year on one hand, and I’ve never done it without explanation. But I do reserve the right. It’s about maintaining the safety and friendliness of the space.

I believe in fair play and I love me some freedom of expression, but in the event you trigger the More Robust Policy, don’t waste your time getting all righteous about your freedom of speech. If it happens, and you really want to work things out, it is best to disengage for awhile and come back later.

In short, I ain’t the government and this ain’t a public street corner. It’s more like a house party to which everyone on the Internet is invited. All are welcome, but no one is allowed to break up the furniture or demean other guests.

Meme by me. The text is from this photo  by Norm 2.0/a>

Meme by me. The text is from this photo by Norm 2.0

Content Policy

This is a non-commercial blog. We make every effort to apply Fair Use to texts and media images, and to otherwise use only attributable art licensed for non-commercial use.

Emanuel_WynneIf you own something we’re using and we’re crediting improperly, please notify us. We will be happy to credit you accurately or take it down if you prefer.

We intend no copyright infringement, and we respect the intellectual property rights of our fellow writers, bloggers, artists, and creatives. If you share work from this site, please attribute us with a link.

The opinions of individual bloggers here are their own. We value individual authorship and intellectual freedom. We have no hierarchy and we do not speak as a group.


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