Surveillance Index


I created this page to build a list of the things alliance members have written about mass surveillance and provide a dedicated thread to discuss it. The list will grow over time.

Should We Blog About This? (In which I proposed a Thunderclap and got an alliance instead.)

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the NSA (announcing the formation of the alliance).

Why I agreed to the Alliance (Me explaining why I went to the trouble of creating pages for this.)


Surveillance News – 02/14/2014

This page will be updated regularly with new information and posts from other alliance members.

image: The Day We Fight Back

1 thought on “Surveillance Index

  1. Alliance members – I’ll add some things you’ve written as I have time. If you want to drop links to be added to the index here, it will save me searching through your archives for them and allow me to get the links up more quickly.


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