Sourcerer accepts awards and passes them on, because blogging awards are a really interesting phenomenon all on their own. They are also a nice ego boost and a good way to meet people. This page is a list of our awards. If we nominate you for an award, chances are, you’ll also land on the blogroll.

Dragon’s Loyalty Award – December 16, 2013.


Nominated by Part Time Monster. Click here to see Sourcerer’s nominations, and seven things about Gene’O. Second nomination from Half Eaten Mind on Feb. 8, 2014. Nominations forthcoming.


Awesome Blog Content Award – January 5, 2014

ABC Badge

Nominated by Peace, Love & Great Country Music. Click here to see Sourcerer’s nominations, and 26 things about Gene’O. Sourcerer was promptly re-nominated by The Leather Library (who we nominated), so we have another round of nominations to use at some point. We’re giving it a month, at least, but we will share the love again before spring.


Sunshine Award – January 9, 2014


Nominated by The Leather Library and Part Time Monster. Nominations forthcoming.


The Liebster Award – January 14, 2014


Nominated by Kerry from Aspernauts and Nicole Sloan two days after we passed 200 followers. Nominated for a third time by Raven King on Jan. 17. We passed our nomination to The Writing Catalog. Click here to see the nomination post and Gene’O’s answers to Kerry’s questions. Click here to see his answers to Nicole’s questions; click here to see his answer to Raven’s questions.



17 thoughts on “Awards

    • Hey, Thanks! We would love to accept it, but this blog passed 200 WordPress followers over the weekend. However, my writing blog does not have 200 followers;

      would you be opposed to me accepting it there? I would love to do it, because I like to GIVE awards even more than I like to receive them.


      • Of course not! Accept away! Feel free to copy and paste this into the comments box below the original post if you like. It saves me the job of editing! πŸ˜‰ x


  1. I liked my own page here because technically, this is not my blog but the Writing Catalog is, and I want the option to claim that awesome Not Freshly Pressed Award over there whenever I feel like writing the post.


    • Thanks so much Vijay. I’ll accept. The way I handle awards is post an announcement and thanks within a day or two of receiving it, then do the nomination post on my own schedule. I use my awards page to keep up with nominations I’m holding, and every time I meet a new blogger, I’m thinking about whether I should nominate them for one or more awards. I love awards. I think they’re good for bloggers who subscribe to the “blogging is about people” philosophy, of which I am one. I browse the awards tags and congratulate people sometimes.


      • You’re very welcome, Gene!
        You’ve a very thorough and well-thought out awards policy. I love them too. It does bring a nice social aspect or camaderie to the blogging game. I definitely agree with that philosophy and it’s good you’re spreading the awarding cheer πŸ™‚


    • Hooray! This is the first award I noticed, and I have been coveting it since November. I will accept, of course. I have a bit of an award backlog right now, though, so, maybe awhile before I do the nominations. (I’m angling for a Lazy Blogger Award with the way I handle my nominations).


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