Zac Brown plays . . . Metallica!


The enigmatic blogger known as PeaceLoveGreatCountryMusic,  who runs the recently-renamed blog Apple Pie and Napalm (there’s a story there), asked me earlier if I’d heard The Zac Brown Band play Jimmy Buffett’s “Volcano.” As it turns out, I hadn’t. I said so, while thinking to myself “holy hell, you’ve never posted Zac Brown on your blog.” I went looking for their rendition of “Volcano” and found it. I also found this one, and since we haven’t had much hard rockin’ lately, I decided to post it instead. Enjoy!


Time for some music.

I love this performance. It has everything – a true artist saying he wishes he’d written someone else’s work, a reference to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, an English joke . . .

I’ve been posting some heavy stuff this weekend, but fear not. We’re still a pop culture blog. We regard being smart and funny as a responsibility, and we have plenty of bloggy goodness to send your way this week.

I’ve formed an alliance with The Leather Library to share information and write regularly about government surveillance. You’re invited to join our conversation. If you’re interested, see this page. If not, don’t worry. Think of us as a newspaper. All I am doing with this is making a decision about what to feature on the editorial page. That said, I plan to look at it as a journalist, as an activist, and as a political analyst. So you know that when I post about surveillance, it will be worth reading. I will have more details in the morning.

I hope you had a good weekend, and I hope you have an even better week.

Ecstasy of Gold


Because Metallica is even cooler when they’re playing spaghetti western music. The music starts around 1:30, and the last 40 seconds are not to be missed.

High quality live video produced by Original music by the legendary Ennio Morricone

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