Monster Monday: Plague Maiden

It’s a reblog sort of day, and this. Is. Awesome. (Comments are disabled here to encourage discussion on the original post.)

Part Time Monster


In the 14th century, plague ravaged most of Europe, killing nearly a third of the population. According to Slavic legends, the Plague Maiden wandered the lands. She was thin and pallid, dressed in white, carrying a bloodied handkerchief in her thin, long hands. Some sources say she wore a crown of poppies. She is called Morowa Dziewica in Polish, Pest Jungfrau in German (described as a blue flame), Pestflicka in Swedish.

Illustration by Zuzanna Krolik Illustration by Zuzanna Krolik

Wherever she went, shaking the handkerchief, people got sick en masse and died in agony. Homes and streets would fill with dead bodies. Understandably, people were terrified of her (and the plague she brought) because she seemed unstoppable. Doctors were useless and often their cures did more harm than good.

There were several ways people believed that the Plague Maiden could be stopped, depending on the source. One was cutting off the hand that…

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Weekend Coffee Share: Fear the Walking Dead Edition


If we were having coffee, I’d tell you I’m thrilled to have Luther starting up another run of blogging here. Fear the Walking Dead starts tomorrow. We’ll have something special tomorrow for that, and Luther will be back here next Saturday with a post about the premiere. Have a trailer and a link to our Walking Dead archive.

Luther recently passed a huge blogging milestone, so when you have a second, bop on over to Infinite Free Time and congratulate him for passing 8,500 WordPress followers.

And I’d tell you I had a passable, but hectic week. Classes started this week an I’m gearing up to open my office to the public on Wednesday. I have a ton of public speaking to do over the next couple of weeks, and just in general, I am going to be busy, busy, busy from now until the last week of September or so.weekendcoffeeshare_2015

This is one of the times of year when I have the most difficulty maintaining the blogging, so I’ve been working frantically in my free time since Thursday trying to get far enough ahead to just keep the blog going until things settle down. I’ve learned to just do what I need to do to keep my hand in through August and September, then start the re-design work and planning for spring in October.

So if you see me around a little less over the next few weeks, rest assured: I ain’t going anywhere. Just doing the jobby thing. I’ll be back up to my usual mayhem before you know it.

And I’d tell you, if we were having coffee, that Serins has been running a blogger party across social media this week, and it’s still on through Monday. Then I’d have to finish my coffee and run, because I have stats to geek out on. I’ll discuss a recent Reddit spike here on Monday.

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Thanks for Tuesday, and Have a Link!

Thanks to everyone who joined in the self-promotion thread on Tuesday.

I’d intended to do a roundup with a few of the links from the thread today, but we received so many links, and I’ve had such a crazy week, I’ve not had time to really do them justice. There’s tons of good stuff on that thread, so if you’re looking for blogs to read, it’s a great place to start.

Rest assured, I’ll take the time to visit them all and at some point, I’ll do a roundup of some sort. In the meantime, Give Thoughts by Mello-Ello a look. It’s a fabulous blog!

Happy Thursday!

La Cegua: Shifter Woman with Many Names

I didn’t have time to write anything yesterday, and it’s shaping up to be a monstrous Monday. So have a Monster Monday by Robin Rivera. Comments are closed here to encourage discussion on the original post.

Part Time Monster

monstermondaylogoCareening home on a dark and lonely road, a man pauses. His head is ringing from the drink and debauchery of his hours spent in the cantina. His wife and family wait for him, but he is not ready to return home. He glimpses a woman by the pond, and he creeps through the underbrush for a closer look. The young woman has just finished bathing and is combing her long hair. Silently the man approaches her. They are alone, far from the ears of others. She is easy prey.

Or is she?

Leering with his intentions, he lunges. His hands wrap cruelly around her flesh and he pulls her close. When she turns to fight him off, her hair slides back and reveals not the face of a frightened woman, but a monster. The body that looked so shapely and young moments before is now a ruin. Her breasts…

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