Why I Agreed to The Alliance


I suppose I should explain how I went from saying:

“yeah, we can talk about government surveillance here even though I think that battle is lost and it’s mostly an exercise in educating younger people about how it happened”

to saying:

 “let’s see how many people we can get to add pages to their blogs devoted to keeping tabs on this and keeping in touch with one another.”

I have no illusions about the number of people paying enough attention to what I’m doing here to wonder about that, but there must be a few. Most are people I knew before I started this blog. So here is what changed my mind.

I found out about The Day We Fight Back. I wrote about it. I thought maybe a few people would like to join in, and I needed to write it because this is a multi-contributor blog devoted to nonpolitical things. I can’t go committing it to a political campaign without giving my peeps some notice.

The response did not overwhelm me, but I had several good conversations. Ideas were batted around. I wanted to do a Thunderclap in the beginning, but gave it up quickly. A dedicated blog was discussed, but no one had the time to run it. We ended up with an alliance. I am proud of the fact that we have pages on four blogs, and that we’ve received so much support in other forms.

The day we debuted these blogs, I told our supporters I thought we’d done well enough to have a real start. Today, I can say the same thing about the alliance, and I wouldn’t say it if I didn’t believe it.

Now for the explanation. At some point while I was thinking about all this I recalled this classic political post that explains the importance of vocal outliers to long-term social change.

That is a fancy way of saying, if you want something to be possible, you have to talk about it and persuade people it’s possible. You have to talk about it even if you come across as crazy in the beginning. I Googled that post and read it. It was as good as I remembered it being, and it convinced me to give this a go.

So, thanks, Shystee, wherever you are. Seven years later, you still give me hope.

(And just so you all know, I am probably going to end up getting back into political blogging before we’re done, but most of my political stuff will be posted elsewhere. More on that later. I’m willing to write about two or three issues here, but fundamentally, Sourcerer is not a political blog. This blog is a work of art in my mind, even if I am the only one who sees it that way. Everyday political blogging here would be like paint on a Rodin. It’s never happening. That is a promise.)

image via The Leather Library

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