Weekend Music: Suzanne


I’d say this video is nearly as old as I am. I love it.

Just sitting around today and thinking about blogging projects for next year. My gaming post from Monday got me thinking about Morrowind. That game will be 15 years old in 2017, and it’s held up better than any other game from the early 2000’s I can think of.

I’ve got the pc version with the two expansion packs and 50 or 60 GB worth of mods, including a few simple ones I made myself, stashed away. I’m thinking I might set up a character and play the character to maximum level, blogging the whole thing with copious screenshots and funny captions as I go.

The problem is, I don’t have a computer I’m comfortable installing Morrowind and a bunch of community-made mods on at the moment. I figure by January or February, though, I’ll be able to afford a desktop that will run it just fine and the family can use the desktop for other things when I’m otherwise occupied.

I’m thinking this could be good, would take so long I could finish it up just as Morrowind turns 15 years old, and if I make the thing entertaining enough, readers wouldn’t necessarily need to know much about Morrowind to enjoy it.

What about that?

I’m doing my best to get back into the swing of blogging, and things are much better for me now than they’ve been since July. But the offline stuff just won’t quit, so I’m taking it slowly. I don’t want to jump back in with both feet and start posting every day until I am sure I can sustain that level of activity for several months.

Happy Weekend!

Weekend Music: More Leonard Cohen


Hard to believe I’ve been blogging music videos as long as I have and I’ve not posted this one. Not my favorite Cohen tune, but it’s fun, and it fits here.

I’m skipping the Friday 56 this week because I don’t have time to visit, and I don’t join linkups unless I can do the visits. You still have time to drop a link on the Geek and Greet thread at the top of the page. I’m not going to close the thread, but 6 pm Eastern today is the deadline to get in on the party and be sure you get a visit back from me.

We’re going to be a little lighter than usual on the content for a couple of weeks. We have some things in the works, but April was exhausting, most of the series we started the year with have finished their runs, and a lot of our contributors have personal projects and offline things going on. So you’ll see a few more reblogs here than is our normal custom for the next little while.

I’m looking to add a new contributor (or two) here over the next couple of months. This isn’t the official advertisement, but if you’ve got something you think would be a good fit here, hit me up. I must be familiar enough with you to trust you with dashboard access, and you must be able to deliver finished posts with at least one shareable image.

Happy Weekend!

Blogging A to Z Day 3: Leonard Cohen


Leonard Cohen is my favorite singer/songwriter, and he is much more that that. He’s a poet, a lover, a realist, a critic, a dreamer, and a prophet. Above all, he is a teller of stories and a survivor. He was born in 1934 and released his first album in 1967. He’s still recording. How many musicians can say that?

He grew up Jewish in Montreal after WW2. He tried to be a writer and was disappointed by the results, so he took up folk music. It worked. I’ve posted more of him on this blog than I’ve shared of any other artist. The music crowd loves him as much as I do, and you can find more of his videos in his category archive on the Playlist.

This performance is the best one I’ve found on the Internet so far for demonstrating the beauty and significance of Leonard Cohen. It’s the telling of the story at the beginning that does it for me. If this man had found his success writing novels instead of singing songs, he’d have won the Nobel Prize for Literature in the ’90s.

Eleven months out of the year, I run a Weekend Music post here on Friday on Saturday. I write a paragraph about the video, then update the peeps on blog-happenings. That doesn’t fit into the A to Z scheme, but we cannot do without our weekend music. It’s a tradition at this point. So I’m posting music on Sundays in this month, along with an open thread you can use to share links and meet other A to Z bloggers.

Follow this blog, or bookmark the front page. And after you do your A to Z visits on Sunday, stop by and share a link.

  • Share your own best post from the week;
  • or share your best find from the A to Z list;
  • or both, but let me know if you include more than one link in a single comment because comments with more than one link go to the spam folder, and I’ll need to retrieve it;
  • or just chatter on the thread about your A to Z experience and I’ll answer the comments.

Best of luck with the challenge!

Weekend Music: I’m Your Man


Perhaps I should adopt this one as my theme song. 😉

Not much to announce aside from the normal weekend things. #WeekendCoffeeShare at Part Time Monster and #SundayBlogShare on Twitter are about all I have going this weekend.

The last few weeks have been absolutely frantic, and I am in Blogging A to Z mode now, so not much social medial mayhem from me for the next couple of weeks. #AmWriting.

The Feminist Friday discussion should be well under way at Things Matter by now, and I will check in there after work today as usual.

Happy weekend!