We are Award-Neutral

ABC BadgeI enjoy receiving awards and seeing them passed around. They were invaluable to Diana and I when we were WordPress outsiders looking to make friends. They truly helped. An award can result in a yummy post that helps other bloggers get to know you. I even have an “Awards” category.

At the same time, I am sensitive to the problems of awards. They are time-consuming. Once you’ve received a certain number, they lose something. I would never tell another blogger they shouldn’t go Award-free.

versatileawardThis blog runs on planned contributions.

We can have as many as nine different bloggers in the queue at any one time. We rarely have the space for Awards nominations, and I am too busy making mischief all over the Internet to write them.

I take the middle course.

  • Sourcerer does not publish award nominations.
  • I thank people for awards when we receive them. I do it on the front page of one of my blogs when time and space permit.
  • I go and scan the nominees list to see if anyone I know is there. I leave a comment if I find the post entertaining. I might even follow a link or two.

Occasionally, I pull a random award nomination out of my archive at Just Gene’O and pass it on. But that is a very rare thing. I am angling for the Lazy Blogger Award.

Feel free to nominate us. It’s a nice way to pay a compliment and start a conversation. It might get you or your friends’ blogs a read or two from a couple of our bloggers.DLA You just never know.

4 thoughts on “We are Award-Neutral

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