Weekend Music Moves to Sunday

I know I’ve blogged this video before, but only 15 people saw it when I did, and it seems right for the last weekend music on Friday here until May. I’ll say two things about it.

  • If you want to understand the Deep South of the U.S.A., understanding this song will get you a good start.
  • I hope Randy Newman lives to be 200 and healthy. But if he doesn’t, one of his pianos should be preserved at the Smithsonian. He’s more than earned it.

Next week, an Arrow review from Melissa and a Blogging A to Z in April Challenge post will run on Friday. Since Luther is not quite done with The Walking Dead yet, we’ll have an A to Z post AND zombies on Saturday, April 4.

That doesn’t leave much space for the Weekend Music. The whole month is like that, so I’m moving the video to Sunday, featuring a single artist all month long, and combining it with an open A to Z thread that you can use to share links and chatter and such. I’m not telling you who the featured artist is in the post. You’ll just have to guess and then check back next Sunday to see if you were right.

April will be good. Friends will be made.

Carry on, and #KeepBlogging

Weekend Music: Short People


I’d planned to get back to some country music today, but given the week I’ve had, this seems more appropriate. It is one of my all-time favorite pieces of satire, and I am feeling satirical today.

Randy Newman, Collaboration Among Bloggers, International Relations Geekery, and other things.


Hannah Givens and Therefore I Geek have collaborated on an editorial about technology and the future of International Relations. They published it yesterday. “Does Geek Culture Hold the Answers to National Security?

Need I say more?

There’s already a fascinating discussion going on the thread between the three of us. You could join in and make us all even more happy than we already are. If what you need to make your social media life complete is to geek out on some IR with other smart people, today is your day!

That post is getting reblogged this weekend for those of you who don’t read during the week. Those of you who do read during the week are getting the early heads up. I am seeing just how many people I can interest in this discussion over the next few days, because I would really love to hook up with a few other bloggers who enjoy the IR chatter.

Other things:

  1. My last Doctor Who post for series 8 is finally up at Part Time Monster.
  2. I am inviting a discussion at the Monster this weekend about how to organize next year’s Feminist Friday project. Diana won’t be around very much this weekend, but I assuredly will be.
  3. It will be several hours before this happens, but I have set aside time tonight to re-establish contact with all of you who were talking to me by email before I went on vacation and came back sick. Check your email tomorrow morning.
  4. In an unfollowing cycle with the ol’ Twitter account at the moment, but hoping to start a push this weekend to get @Sourcererblog‘s following stable above 5K. If you know any bloggers who don’t tweet with me but might like to, the next few days are a good time to make intros.
  5. Probably a reblog tomorrow for comics day, but I am reading The Killing Joke right this minute, and I plan to post about it fairly soon.
  6. Keep blogging, and have a fabulous week!

Weekend Music: A Prophecy

No one is better at this than Randy Newman. I’ll keep my own feelings about it to myself and encourage you to enjoy the song. Some notes about changes to the posting schedule, etc.  below.

First, a couple of quick announcements:

  • My very first guest post is running at Jessica Leeman’s blog Social Media on Monday. I discovered Jessica’s blog recently, and she writes about a lot of social media topics that interest me, for example, Is Social Media Shaping Our Lives? If you’ve enjoyed my Sunday Blogging posts this summer, I think you’ll love Social Media.
  • The Feminist Friday post is up at Part Time Monster. The topic: #TwitterPurge, Women, and Internet Culture.

Now for the Schedule Updates.

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