Weekend Music: Beck!


A bit late, I know. I almost saved this one for tomorrow morning, but I just feel like publishing something, so enjoy. This is one of those occasions where something I hear on the radio earlier in the week gets into the Weekend Music.

Aside from Beck, I’ve got nothing.

Happy Friday!

Weekend Music: Smoke+Mirrors


Our Great and Powerful Blogging A to Z Theme Reveal will run Sunday so as to be here when people who live in the Pacific start hitting the list. I’ll stick it to the top of the front page before the Monday post runs.

That is all.

– Thanks to Comparative Geeks for the video, and to David for all the posts!

Weekend Music: Primitive Radio Gods


From 1996. This is one of those songs that just stuck with me. It’s the combination of percussion, background vocal, and surreal lyrics that does it. I couldn’t find a suitable live performance or the original video, but I like this one.

If you want input into next year’s Feminist Friday discussions, this weekend is your first chance, and I have a post at the Monster for you.

I’m not looking for commitments to specific things like posting dates or topics at this point. Just trying to gauge the level of support so Diana and I know how many posts we need to come up with before we can kick these off again. I’ll have a follow-up in a couple of weeks, once I see where we are with it.

Happy Weekend!

Weekend Music, and I’m Still Alive!

I’ve been home from my vacation since Monday night, but I still haven’t made it back to work. I brought home the worst case of the flu I have ever had in my entire life. Walked in from the car, fell down face-first on the bed without unloading so much as a single suitcase, and stayed there for 30 hours. I didn’t get to the Doctor until Wednesday because I couldn’t stand up at all on Tuesday. I still haven’t gotten rid of the fever entirely, so under quarantine for a while longer.

I do feel well enough to start getting the social media back in order. I’m planning to write a coffee post for Just Gene’O tomorrow and I have a Doctor Who post from Will in my inbox. If you’ve sent me emails or other direct communication in the last 10 days and haven’t received an answer, you will have one this weekend. 🙂

The vacation was awesome, by the way. I didn’t start getting sick until the day we started home, so the flu didn’t interfere with any part of it except the unpacking.