Ten Bloggers. 26 Blogging A to Z Posts. All on One Blog.

All our A to Z posts are linked below. Author links go to either Byline categories or the blogs of contributors. I’m doing this for two reasons.

  1. I want all the posts collected chronologically, and I want the index post to be at the top of the 2015 A to Z Challenge category archive (it’s on the Pop Culture menu) for posterity.
  2. This is an index file I’ll use to do some fun things with scheduled sharing.

Contributors: You’ll be hearing from me directly. If you did A to Z at your own blog and you collected all your links into a single post or on a page, might want to have a link to it handy.

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The Good, the Bad, and the Stats: The #GeekPastiche A to Z Reflection


Last year my reflection focused on basic lessons I learned as a first-timer. It was too long and posted too late, because I barely survived the 2014 Challenge and it took me a month to get back into my normal routine. This year’s reflection is about things we did right here at Sourcerer, things I’ll do differently if I blog A to Z next year, and what A to Z did for our numbers in April.

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A to Z Challenge Afterparty, Anyone?

Sabina is hosting an A to Z Afterparty this weekend at Victim to Charm. Why not stop by over there, share one of your A to Z Challenge links, and chat about your experience in April?survivor-atoz_by_Retro

I intended to publish my Blogging A to Z Reflection today, but since it’s already noon and I don’t have the screenshots of the stats in yet, I’ll save it for tomorrow. You can find the reflection badge and info about the linky here.

We’re debuting a new feature on Monday which we are hoping to make into a monthly thing: author & blogger interviews!

It’s strange to have only one post scheduled after have the queue so full I had trouble finding my own posts for a month.

Have a great weekend!

Happy May Day!


Have a video. Not the best visual thing I ever posted here, but it’s live and the lyrics make up the difference.

So, April is done. On to May! I’ll have an A to Z Reflection for you soon. We have a new feature coming early next week which might involve interviews. There is also an A to Z afterparty in the works, and all I know about that is you need to watch this blog for a day or two. Also, Comparative Geeks is about to get even more interesting than it already is 😉