The Military Structure and Ranking System of Mordor: Part II

This is something Tolkien fans won’t want to miss. I’ve never thought about Mordor’s military organization in this kind of detail, but the textual evidence James provides here is impressive, and the whole thing is fascinating. (Not much time for blogging today, but hey, it’s almost Spring Break!)

A Tolkienist's Perspective

Following Part I on The Military Structure and Ranking System of Mordor, here is Part II of the article … 🙂


2.2 The Army: Heraldry and Orc Divisions

As has been said before, Sauron’s main force consisted of orcs, with separate divisions controlled by captains. Nevertheless, it must be noted that there might have beenpreferences within the army itself – in fact, some hints are given to us throughout The Lord of the Rings.

Mordor Orcs

2.2.1 Orcs of the Red Eye and the Morgul Orcs

It seems quite clear that there is a distinction between Orcs serving under Sauron (the Red Eye) and those in the service of Minas Morgul. Once again, the basis for this argument comes from  The Return of the King, in the chapter ‘The Tower of Cirith Ungol’. After the fighting in the tower, a dialogue ensues between Shagrat and another orc, Snaga –


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