Join us for a Feminist Friday Discussion this week at The Lobster Dance

Leah of The Lobster Dance has graciously agreed to host the Feminist Friday discussion this week.

The topic: Gendered Marketing aimed at adults.

I couldn’t be more thrilled that Leah’s offered to host. If you want to know why I’m saying that, check out this piece she wrote at I’ll Make It Myself last month about pointlessly gendered food blogging.

You’re welcome to join us (and to chime in if you’re feeling chatty on Friday).

Leah’s post will be the eighteenth of these discussion threads we’ve posted since we started them in March, and The Lobster Dance will be the seventh blog that’s hosted. I can’t tell you how happy that makes me.

All previous installments are archived here.

Feminist Friday Discussion: Children and Youth Media

I overslept, and I’m still thinking about how to respond to the questions, but do check out Natacha’s post on female characters in children’s programming and think about chiming it.

Natacha Guyot

Even before I discovered the actual term feminism and what it could entails (in good and problematic depending on people’ definition), I was always interested in what it meant to be a girl, what representation of being a girl I saw on television or in books as I grew up. It was always on the back of my mind, even prior to my decision to engage into media studies. I do consider myself a feminist, but in an egalitarian and positive way. I don’t hate men and consider that accepting women as an equal part of the society who deserves same respect is a goal that needs to be attained so we all live in a better world, no matter our gender.

During the past months, I had the chance to read interesting materials that sparked not only my thinking about life in general, but also made me realize of…

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An Apology to My Sisters: Looking for the Line Between Survival and Betraying Myself

Ciara timed this perfectly – she posted it right at the moment I was looking for a reblog. I encourage you to read it, and to read the post about marketing she links to from A Frame Around Infinity.

Ciara Darren

Recently Janice wrote a very honest and interesting post on marketing and feminism. The comment stream became lively and stimulating. You should go check it out. This post is partly inspired by the conversations I had with her and by the fact that Sourcerer held a Feminist Friday, which, sadly, I was unable to be online for.

As some of you might know, my husband, Knyght, and I are currently in San Diego, looking for work after a job fell through at the last moment. That left us a bit high and dry at the end of his contract in Japan. Yesterday, I went with him to a job interview at a sign printing shop that shall go unnamed for obvious reasons. I was invited because during the pre-interview phone call, the man hiring asked if Knyght spoke Mandarin. Knyght said he didn’t but that his wife did…

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Weekend Music, and Thoughts on Feminist Friday

First, the most important part. I will never tire of posting this video. Listen to it while you read my words. Pink with Linda Perry:

Here is a Tweet I sent a week ago:

While I was dealing with a very intense situation last Friday, I had an idea and thought it was good enough to ask a couple of people I trust about it. So I asked. What I got back was encouragement, so, as soon as I was done settling all family business, I sat down and wrote my first Feminist Friday post. The minute I was sure I would be able to post it this week, we started getting the word out. I sacrificed Follow Friday on Twitter and the next installment of a very important series to do this. I even turned in early last night so I could be fresh for today. I was right, because here is what I woke up to.

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