Weekend Music, and Thoughts on Feminist Friday

First, the most important part. I will never tire of posting this video. Listen to it while you read my words. Pink with Linda Perry:

Here is a Tweet I sent a week ago:

While I was dealing with a very intense situation last Friday, I had an idea and thought it was good enough to ask a couple of people I trust about it. So I asked. What I got back was encouragement, so, as soon as I was done settling all family business, I sat down and wrote my first Feminist Friday post. The minute I was sure I would be able to post it this week, we started getting the word out. I sacrificed Follow Friday on Twitter and the next installment of a very important series to do this. I even turned in early last night so I could be fresh for today. I was right, because here is what I woke up to.

The first notification I received when I fired up my computer today told me that Alva already had a Feminist Friday post up, and it was designed to attract attention to what I was doing. I left her a quick comment to let her know I appreciate her support and moved on.

I did some social media things and then published my post at three minutes after nine. Less than a minute after I posted it, I got a notification that told me Gretchen also had a Feminst Friday post, and it included a link to me. I assume that’s because she took a leap of faith and was waiting to link to me at 9. Whether that’s the case or not, it was an awesome feeling, and it colored my entire day.

By the time I was done thanking Gretchen, Ali had a very thoughtful and intelligent comment on the thread, which Diana and I both responded to. Then Diana went offline to study for her comps. I shared the link to my Facebook timeline and went to work.

I came home hours later to find a comments thread that took me almost two hours to respond to. It would be my most-commented thread ever except for the fact that I have an epic conversation about mass surveillance in the archive that runs into the 40s. I also discovered, by looking at my stats, that my Facebook friends really came out for this, and one of them even left me a comment that is so good I’d be happy to edit it a little, find some art for it, and run it as a post.

At some point while I was answering all those comments and checking my Twitter feeds, I browsed the Feminist Friday tag and found this blog. The only thing I know about NorthernGal is that she cares enough about equality to post the Joss Whedon quote for Feminist Friday. And that is enough for me, so give her some love.

And then, of course, just at the perfect moment, Diana decided to sound off on internet rape culture.

When I was done with that, I checked the thread again, and discovered that Gretchen had left me a link. If you care about the future of feminism at all, you really want to read this.

So, here’s what all that effort got us today:

  1. Another good feminism thread that we can use to generate ideas for future posts, and is still so fresh that it might not be done. We can talk about feminism all weekend on that thread if we want.
  2. Four Feminist Friday posts, which gave me enough Twitter ammo to pound the #FeministFriday tag for a good two hours on Twitter today, with FollowFridays for a lot of bloggers thrown in.
  3. A much deeper and more nuanced understanding of the current definition of “feminism,” because everyone who commented reads it differently, and every one of them is right.
  4. An understanding of the equality situation. It seems as though there is a general agreement that there is not enough of it, and that we would like more.
  5. Two bloggers we’d never met before who seem to feel much the way we do, discovered. And if they want to join this conversation, they are welcome.

If you ask me, that was worth the effort. That is five things we did not have when this day started.

At the moment, this is the conversation I am having on Twitter:

And I know that suffers from a lack of context, but, you know. Any time a manifesto is involved, you’re looking at a serious conversation.

Thank you, Rose,Β and Hannah, both for your help getting this going and for your comments on the thread. And thank you, Natacha, for helping us get the word out and for your unflagging support of everything we do.

And a special thanks to TMG. I appreciate you very much.

16 thoughts on “Weekend Music, and Thoughts on Feminist Friday

  1. Yes, I think today was quite a success. I’m going to go back to that thread tomorrow and peak around some more.

    Also, I love that video. Pink is one of my favorites. So’s Linda Perry.


    • Yeah. I’d post that video once a week if I could get away with it.

      that thread is good. I’ll be revisiting it. I’m not sure it’s done. Remember, it’s Friday. There are unseen notifications out there, and people who said they would give us their opinions who have yet to show up.

      How was this post?


      • This post was lovely. It encapsulated a lot of those things we learned over the week without being super-long. It came in a short list form with a Pink video, a form I’m a fan of. lol

        I’m keeping an eye on that thread today. Even more interesting stuff happening now. πŸ˜‰


  2. Friday’s been a bit crazy on my side, so I couldn’t get around to really comment to the thread(s)/post(s) but hope to catch up this weekend, and do some more linking. I’m glad that I could at least help spread the word and will be reading more soon! And that’s a great song/video. I really do love Pink! (Gee, I knew I was forgetting someone in my recent music post) Keep up the good work!


    • Thank you. I think everyone loves Pink. I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t. Ever.

      You really should look at that thread. Even if it’s finished, there’s too much goodness to even explain. You just have to experience it for yourself.


  3. Congratulations and Awesome job. I’m going to be watching you both even closer now. It seems that when you two team up, Great things happen. Issues are introduced in ways that make people Think! and want to participate; people get involved and learn. Please keep up the good work and thank you both very much.


    • Thanks! and that is what I am trying to do – make people think.

      You’re right about one thing – when we both want something, we tend to get it, but this was a lot of work. And we’ve had almost a dozen people helping us with this all week.

      That is what those links in this post are. They are there to show you all the people who helped us.


  4. Haha, I had a serious case of insomnia last night and decided to get a jump on Feminist Friday since I was awake anyway. Thank you for keeping the door for discussion open. This is how change is set in motion.


  5. The conversation yesterday was fun and invigorating… I am excited to see what else develops on the thread and to see what we can do with this. Thanks so much for getting this started!


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