Weekend Music: Beck!


A bit late, I know. I almost saved this one for tomorrow morning, but I just feel like publishing something, so enjoy. This is one of those occasions where something I hear on the radio earlier in the week gets into the Weekend Music.

Aside from Beck, I’ve got nothing.

Happy Friday!

Weekend Music: Zevon Time!


I know for a fact that I’ve posted this video on the blog more than once already. Don’t care, because the people who are paying attention to Sourcerer now are not the same people who were paying attention to us the last time I shared it.

At some point in the next couple of days I am going to have to unplug the router, tuck it under my arm, and turn in a key. Then wait for the Internet provider that I scheduled the transfer with three days ago to figure out where I’ve moved to. And from that point on, got nothing but hotspots and mobile access until the provider figures it out.

Fortunately, my data plan just rolled over.

Also, I have no idea what this blog is doing over the weekend. Might be a good time for contributors to run amok.

Weekend Music: More Leonard Cohen


Hard to believe I’ve been blogging music videos as long as I have and I’ve not posted this one. Not my favorite Cohen tune, but it’s fun, and it fits here.

I’m skipping the Friday 56 this week because I don’t have time to visit, and I don’t join linkups unless I can do the visits. You still have time to drop a link on the Geek and Greet thread at the top of the page. I’m not going to close the thread, but 6 pm Eastern today is the deadline to get in on the party and be sure you get a visit back from me.

We’re going to be a little lighter than usual on the content for a couple of weeks. We have some things in the works, but April was exhausting, most of the series we started the year with have finished their runs, and a lot of our contributors have personal projects and offline things going on. So you’ll see a few more reblogs here than is our normal custom for the next little while.

I’m looking to add a new contributor (or two) here over the next couple of months. This isn’t the official advertisement, but if you’ve got something you think would be a good fit here, hit me up. I must be familiar enough with you to trust you with dashboard access, and you must be able to deliver finished posts with at least one shareable image.

Happy Weekend!