Introducing Ben

Since most of you can’t possibly know enough about my life to know this Conrad of The WineWankers supports Sourcerer diligently, but our content is just so different, I rarely have a chance to reblog him. Winewankers is a beautiful site – so good, in fact, I wish I’d built it, and I say that often. They picked up a new blogger today, which, as far as I’m concerned, is always worthy of a reblog no matter what sort of blog you’re reading. So, welcome Ben to the blogosphere, and if you like either wine or really tight blogs, give The Winewankers a little love. Conrad’s the guy with the top hat and groovy mustache who likes almost everything we post.

The Wine Wankers

the best wine blog in the world by far Conrad, Neal and Ben enjoying a beer for a change at Bondi Beach

The Wine Wankers are lucky enough to have a new wine lover blogging with us… Ben.  Some of you may have already noticed Ben’s recent contributions to our blog “One bottle, half a dozen wines, and an experience of a lifetime” and “How do you choose wine for a table of 12?“.

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