You might want to check out the Feminist Friday post at Part Time Monster tomorrow.

Diana’s issued a personal Facebook invitation for people to join in the Feminist Friday discussion tomorrow. Here’s a quote from her invitation.

Looking at the Google search results for the Monster often reminds me of why we need feminism—“monster rape girl,” “funny boko haram” “funny#bringbackourgirls,” “monster rape.”

Friday, we’ll be talking about feminism at the blog. If you’re interested in feminism, in discussing feminist issues, I encourage you to read and participate.

This is one of those weeks you want to read it, whether you feel up to commenting or not.

If you’re just joining us, you’re welcome at the Monster tomorrow. You should be aware of the fact that we’ve done these discussions every week since late March, with only two off-weeks. We have an archive to prove it. Our friends help us out by hosting them sometimes and commenting when they are able. Sometimes the threads are still alive on Monday morning.

This week might be the best one yet.

We’re having a #FeministFriday chat on #wordpress this week, and all you #bloggers are invited.

I had this idea over the weekend. Diana and Gretchen encouraged me to take the shot, so I’m doing it.


I’ll publish a Feminist Friday post on Friday morning. I’ll tell you a story that you will find amusing, if not downright heartwarming, and then I will ask a few questions:

Is Feminism a politically useful label? If not, what do we do about it? Can it be made useful again, or do we need to get creative?

I will NOT argue either of these things:

  1. Feminism is dead (I believe it is alive).
  2. We should not reclaim the label as a positive identifier and use it proudly (we emphatically should).

The question is very specific. If we want to work together and advocate for full equality for women in a comprehensive sort of way, should we brand that effort a feminist enterprise? That’s what I’m getting at. I am all about results.

I picked this topic because I know a lot more about political activism than feminism, so it ensures that I will have something of substance to contribute.

Everyone who thinks women should have more equality is invited to read and join in. I plan to have the post up by 9 a.m. Central Time. If you don’t have time to join us on Friday, the thread will be here when you have time to stop by and catch up.

I must work for awhile Friday, but should be able to answer comments and chime in around 3 p.m. Central.

I’m keeping moderation of first-time comments on for a bit. If you’ve never commented on one of our threads, and you think this is a good idea, telling me so would be a good way to make sure your first comment isn’t held while I’m at work on Friday.

Here are a couple of Feminist Friday posts you’ll want to read if you missed them the first time. This time next year, I’ll be calling them classics.  Comparative Geeks: Holly on why we need female heroes and superheroes.  Alva’s Almanac: Why Feminist Friday is important.

Correction: It’s been so long now I can’t remember for sure, but I don’t think that CompGeeks post was actually a Feminist Friday post. It it does relate directly to this topic, though, and it’s definitely written from a feminist perspective.

image: I got it here with a Google search. Beyond that, I have no idea, but I am grateful to whomever snapped the pic, and will happily credit them if I ever find out who it was.