5 Awesome Blog Features

We are in a lull with our Monday content this week, and I had a crazy weekend of chattering on threads so I don’t have anything substantial loaded. But I don’t want to publish just a photo on a Monday, so here are five regular features at other blogs that I just love. And by the way, regular features are very helpful for keeping a blog rolling and developing a regular audience.

Taylor Grace’s “Posts I Loved this Week” is great for finding new blogs to read. It always features excellent blogs, and sometimes my own posts make the list.

Therefore I Geek’s “Around the Web” always includes a collection of geeky and interesting stories from (you guessed it!) around the web.

The Comic-Verse: Awesome Art and & The Top 15 Featured Links” at the Speech Bubble combines a roundup of comics links with high-quality images from Deviant Art. It’s an awesome feature, and our comics posts have landed on the list many times.weekendcoffeeshare

“#WeekendCoffeeShare” is a feature a lot of bloggers do on the weekend. The posts can be about practically anything, and the idea is to write them as though you were having coffee with someone and chatting. Part Time Monster (run by my sister Diana) hosts a weekend link-up for the coffee posts.

You can find “Top Ten Tuesdays” at several blogs, including the always-fabulous Write On! Sisters. It’s sponsored by The Broke and the Bookish, which hosts a weekly link-up for the posts and announces the topics in advance.

Got a favorite feature you try not to miss or one you use for your own blog? Tell us about it on the thread!

Free Comic Book Day

This is a nice post. I took my grandson to his second Free Comic Day yesterday (he’s six). I did it because it’s a cool way to spend two hours of boy-time, and as the post points out, comics are a good way to encourage reading. I think they work the same way for visual art appreciation and literacy, which I regard as equally important. Our free books from last year didn’t survive. This year, we’re getting bags, and cards, and a box just for his books. So he has the beginning of a collection. I have a small collection from the early 90s myself, preserved so well all these years that I could have them certified. He’s fascinated by that collection, and asks to look at them at least once a week. Long live Geek culture, and May the Fourth be with you!

Therefore I Geek

This Saturday is a magical day. It is a day that is better than Christmas, my birthday and some other great day all rolled into one. Ok, so I might be exaggerating things just a bit, but this Saturday will still be pretty awesome. You may be asking yourself what makes it so awesome and let me tell you, it’s Free Comic Book Day.


For the past twelve years, the first Saturday in May has been Free Comic Book Day.  FCBD was started to take advantage of the opening of big comic movies, but the annual event has become something much more. While not every retailer participates in the festivities, most independent comic book stores join in. Many stores make a huge deal out of the day, having sales, giveaways and parties. Comic artists and writers have also gotten involved by participating in signings at stores across the country. Fans…

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Random Thought Generator Episode 1, Comic Book Influences

This is cool. It’s the debut of Therefore I Geek’s bi-weekly podcast. I just listened, and I thought they did a fine job. Jeremy will have a post about comics here tomorrow, and we’re hoping have a big discussion about feminism here on Friday. If you’re interested in that, see my last post.

Therefore I Geek


In the inaugrual episode of Random Thought Generator, Therefore I Geek’s Andrew and Tracy (that’s us!) discuss those comic books and strips that have influenced them. Starting from our earliest memories and moving on to more recent discoveries, we cover a wide variety of titles.


Calvin and Hobbes




Pearls Before Swine

Far Side

Tin Tin


Amazing Spider-Man

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns



Star Wars: Clone Wars


V For Vendetta

Atomic Robo




Pax Romana

Ready Player One

Amazing X-Men


Lock & Key

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The Grand Announcement

I missed this last week because I was busy keeping the Monster fed while Diana was in Vegas, and things going in in my state forced me to do two months’ worth of political blogging in the space of five days. Therefore I Geek is a mighty fine blog, and I wish them well on their podcasting enterprise. Their first cast is on Tuesday, and I am eager to hear what they have to say.

Therefore I Geek


Today Therefore I Geek is very pleased to announce that starting on Tuesday, March 18th we will be releasing the first episode of Random Thought Generator, a biweekly podcast dedicated to all aspects of geek culture and whatever random thoughts pop into our heads. We have been working on this for some time now and are extremely excited. Initially the podcast will be available here, at Therefore I Geek, while we work through the iTunes Store approval process, but we will keep you up to date with our progress. Just seven short days until our first episode goes live so stay tuned!

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