Feminist Friday Update; More Info Later in the Week.

We have a series of posts scheduled for 1:45 at The Writing Catalog, 2:00 at Part Time Monster, and 2:15 here. Once those publish, we’re not updating the front pages again until tomorrow morning. You’ll see why once those posts are up. So, here’s the latest on this week’s Feminist Friday discussion, in the form of a tweet:

We’re still working out the details of who’s going to write the post and where it will be hosted. I’ll have an update tomorrow or Wednesday.

8 thoughts on “Feminist Friday Update; More Info Later in the Week.

    • I’m rather excited about it myself. I’ve got my fingers crossed that it will be at the Monster. I’ve been wanting to have one there for weeks, and wanting Diana to write a discussion post, but it just hasn’t worked out.


      • I’ve been hoping to see Diana have time to host one of the discussions at the Monster too! That’s why I’m very much hoping that it can happen. Hopefully this opportunity is the good one!

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  1. This is a great new movement, important in the face of awful tragedies and situations.

    Good plan to interrupt the education posts… there’s always more time for education 😉


    • Yes. Education will always be there for us, and we’re only talking about a week. (Does that sound too cynical? I hope not.)

      Seirously, though. We have to give at least one week to #yesallwomen. It’s a powerful thing, and has potential. We can’t really do the education chat while that’s going on, not if we want to be true to the spirit of these discussions. We started out talking about the political usefulness of feminism as a label, and we paid a pretty high price for talking about rape culture. Now we’re right back where we started.

      That is what I think about it.

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  2. True, that was the first point we tackled, the usefulness of feminism as a label. With #YesAllWomen I feel like that question has definitively been answered for us. Looking forward to Friday!


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