Feminist Friday plan, contributors galore, and music

Quite a bit of exciting news below, but first, a video suggested by my fabulous stepdaughter:

I’m hoping to start another round of Feminist Friday discussions this week. I’ll post a short reflection on our six consecutive weeks of discussion in March and April, talk a bit about my favorite of the six threads, and wrap it up with a prompt. I’m just hoping to get it rolling again and see what happens over the next month.

I have two posts from contributors in my queue waiting for me to scan and approve them, a third in my inbox, and another one arriving by the end of the week. I’m not sure what order they’ll go in yet, but I’m grateful for them. Thanks, @CompGeekDavid, @parttimemonster, @hohmeisw, and @quaintjeremy, for helping Sourcerer regain its momentum. Yes, that’s right. There’s a post from Diana coming soon. Here’s a preview:

I need to spend some time at The Writing Catalog, and have two more hectic days to get through, but I’m tying up loose ends offline and gearing up for an epic run on WordPress and Twitter next week. Do stay tuned.

Breaking: Batfleck, Batmobile Photos!!!

by Jeremy DeFatta

A bit of breaking and semi-breaking news: Zack Snyder, director of Man of Steel and the upcoming Batman vs Superman and Justice League films, has tweeted the first shots of the Batmobile and of Ben Affleck as Batman.

You can find a full-size image at manofsteelfanpage.com, and The Nerdist has more.

With the Batmobile, you can definitely see the comic book influences, and maybe even a little 1989 Burton thrown in for good measure. What we’ve seen of it looks pretty awesome so far, in my opinion.

You can definitely see how Affleck has bulked up for the part in this shot, and though the picture is in black and white, you can tell that the earlier rumors that designers were going for a classic blue and gray look in this film are fairly accurate. Also, I’m digging the short ears and big bat symbol on the chest; they make me feel like I’m looking at a live action version of Frank Miller’s Batman with a little Jim Lee thrown in for good measure.

I’m hoping we get more information and pictures as filming picks up. I’m certain everyone is also looking forward to seeing Gal Gadot in her Wonder Woman outfit nearly as much as they were looking forward to seeing Batfleck. So far, I’m still on board and willing to give this a shot.

What do you all think? Let me know in the comments below, or tweet me @quaintjeremy!

Twitter for Bloggers IV: The Followback Game

Twitter-icon-the-birdLast week I published three short posts about basic Twitter use and account growth. If you’re just joining us for this series, you can find links to those three posts, and other advice for getting started, on our Twitter for Beginners page. I created it last night, so it’s a bare-bones text page, but the info is there.

Today I’m talking about followbacks. Aside from tweeting with other people regularly enough to have a presence, following back is the most important thing you should be doing if your goal is follower growth. That brings up important questions. Twitter is a wild environment, and it’s confusing to newcomers. How do you know who to follow back? Who to ignore? Who to block?

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We’re welcoming a new blogger!

New to Sourcerer, that is. Not new to WordPress. David, who writes Comparative Geeks with his wife, Holly, has graciously agreed to do a bit of blogging here. We could not be more thrilled. Look for a post from him in the not-so-distant future, and give him a warm welcome when you see it.

Here’s an image David created ages ago for CompGeeks and gave me permission to use in one of our Batman posts, but I’ve never been able to work it in. Click the image to read the article it appeared in.

The Nine Alignments of Batman

The Nine Alignments of Batman

(This is not to indicate that David’s focusing on comics. I just love the image. He’s a versatile blogger. You’ll just have to tune in to see what his post is about. David also blogs about writing at DBCII.)