Weekend Music, with Hunger Games video

No live performance is available, but this is too good not to share, and the video is nicely edited. Lorde covers “Everybody Wants to Rule the World,” a Tears for Fears song from the 80s.

I really must watch The Hunger Games movies, and the books are on my summer reading list. I’m tired of not knowing what it’s about first-hand, and wondering if it might be good to write about.

Everyday blogging is a crazy thing. When I have posts scheduled for three or four days, it makes the rest of my social media activities feel like ballet. When I’m so low on content I wake up in the morning wondering what I’m posting the next day — or god forbid, without a post for that day ready to go — it’s like bailing water. In either case, though, blogging does me good. And when I lose a day because of work and family responsibilities, I don’t worry about it. I don’t lose very many days.

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Imagine Batman with a Lantern Ring. Just Imagine it.


by Jeremy DeFatta

I hope you all had a nerdtastic weekend, what with Free Comic Book Day and Star Wars Day happening and all. In this week’s installment of my Batman column, I’d like to drum up some excitement for my upcoming spoilery review of Sinestro #1.

Who remembers that time Batman was judged worthy of joining the Sinestro Corps?

Early on in his war against the Green Lantern Corps, Sinestro sent many, many rings out into the universe to find worthy hosts that he could field as soldiers. In our own little corner of the universe (Sector 2814), the person who inspired the greatest amount of fear in others was none other than our old friend Bruce Wayne. This—the ability to instill great fear—is the chief trait sought by the yellow power, and stands in opposition to the green power of will, whose chief trait is (as fans know all too well) the ability to overcome great fear.

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