Feminist Friday: In Case People Still Wondered Why Feminism And #YesAllWomen Are Needed

Lots to talk about here. If you have a few minutes today, I encourage you to read and join in this discussion.

Natacha Guyot

For the past months, I have participated in several Feminist Friday discussions about a wide range of topics, witha fewotherbloggers. Last week, the focus was on the Feminist label itself. As I commented, I think that the label is still needed and I have called myself a feminist for many years, no matter how many times I have to explain again and clarify that I am not a man hater or assorted negative clichés. (I am not saying that some people calling themselves feminists haven’t gone to such extremes, but that is a problem with many labels. Negative branches of a label can easily taint the whole tree, but it doesn’t mean the other branches have to change using said label).

Earlier this week, I came across a Tumblr post (which I reblogged) that featured pictures and shared a link to the following article: Disturbing…

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What do we do for Feminist Friday this week?

These days, the minute the Feminist Friday post hits and I see the discussion taking off, I start thinking about the next one. I floated this idea on Sunday:

I believe what I heard, if I understood correctly, is that talking about #yesallwomen for another week is a fine idea, but if we do, we need to talk about what the next step might be, or where to go from here. Which I take to mean how to take these stories and use them to change peoples’ behavior. Correct me if I’m wrong. These late Tuesday posts are about getting stuff straight and figuring out what I need to do next to keep our discussions going.


I don’t know that I have a lot of wisdom about what to do next. My advice from the very beginning has been to help keep #yesallwomen going for as long as possible, and Diana and I had a conversation on last week’s thread about the importance of documenting those tweets before they evaporate. I’m happy for someone else to post about it, but I’m also willing to try one myself and see what happens.

My other option is to try and push forward on education. The CompGeeks discussion and Brandie’s #yesallwomen post both gave me ideas about that, and I’m confident I can put something together. The blog is otherwise covered for the week.

I can go either way, and I’m open to suggestions. I’ll need to make the decision tomorrow evening at the latest.

One last thing. I’m discussing with Diana the possibility of moving my own Feminist Friday posts to Part Time Monster. That makes sense to me, for a lot of reasons. I’d like to know what the other folks who are supporting these discussions week in and week out would think about that move.


#YesAllWomen and Feminist Friday: Conversations Matter

I like the way this discussion is turning out, and I think it was a great idea. Thanks to everyone who’s shared it on other social media, and to everyone who’s joined in with comments. The thread’s still open, and if I see more comments this evening, I’ll read and respond to them. Have a great weekend!



The Feminist Friday discussion post is up at Part Time Monster, and #yesallwomen is the topic for today. The discussion thread was closed the first hour the post was up, but we’ve fixed it. Comments are open.


No Follow Friday on the blog for me today. None on Twitter, either.  I’m giving the day to #yesallwomen. I’m spending most of my time on Part Time Monster’s thread today, and retweeting from that hashtag. Follow Fridays will return next week.

I’ll still retweet Follow Fridays for my friends, if I see them. I’ll thank people for including me in Follow Fridays and favorite those tweets so I can look at them tomorrow and follow folks I don’t know. Just not sending Follow Fridays of my own today.

If you have a moment, you’re welcome to contribute to our discussion at the Monster, and join me in retweeting #yesallwomen tweets today.