Random Fun

@Sourcererblog has approximately 30 Latvian Twitter followers. That’s about 2% of our total following. I’ve been thinking about that for awhile, trying to figure out how to explain it. It’s odd, because I don’t have many followers from other Baltic countries. Today, this occurred to me.

Now and then, I post Melo-M videos. Melo-M are a fabulous, classically-trained cello trio who play pop and rock. They are from Latvia. The Internet says their shows are fantastic, and if they ever come to Mississippi, Louisiana, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, or Texas, I’m there.

So, are you Latvian followers Melo-M fans who saw the videos I posted six months ago? If so, thank you for following and making my social media even more awesome than it already was.

Follow Friday: Part Time Monster

This is such a good idea, I have to share it. Follow Friday on the blogs! Plus, it’s a fabulous post with great art.

Lazy Lady

I’m starting a new weekly post, Follow Friday, in which I share a blog that I personally subscribe to and I want to recommend to you!

First up is Part Time Monster. Now, as you may know, I am a contributor at Part Time Monster. I do a monthly (sometimes) tabletop game review over there. It is written by my friend/sister-in-law, Diana. I have other friends who are contributors as well.

I think Diana’s “about” blurb sums up Part-Time Monster perfectly.

Part Time Monster is a collaborative and personal blog focusing on books, girls, monsters, and sociocultural commentary.

Diana (with the help of a contributor or two) just finished the A-Z challenge last month, each day presenting us with a FEMALE character from children’s literature. It was one of the most enjoyable reads I’ve had from a blog, and I looked forward to each day.

Here are some links…

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