Weekend Music, with Reflection

I totally buy the part about Music from Big Pink changing the course of American music. Also, I miss Levon Helm and Rick Danko very much.

I spent most of my time this week on the social media, and you peeps did not disappoint. We posted three or four times per day this week, all week, and I didn’t do much writing. We had contributions from @parttimemonster, @quaintjeremy, @CompGeeksDavid @GAAshley1 and @MarissaBergen1. Really, the madness started Thursday-before-last with a well-timed contribution from @Hohmeisw. It just snowballed from there. Thanks, everyone. You make the blogging worthwhile.

Next week, we go back to posting once a day with occasional extras, because that’s what we’re able to maintain when school is in. But hey, no worries. We get three of these weeks per year, every year.

The trick now is to keep doing what we do best – be smart, be funny, be consistent. Care about the important stuff, even if we have minor disagreements over what to do about it. And answer people when they comment.

And oh, yeah. We need to get better at writing for search engines, and figure out why we got all those referrals from StumbleUpon this week.

I’ll have some easy, fun stuff this weekend. No idea what we’re doing next week, but we’ll do something.


Follow Friday on the Blog: Natacha Guyot

If you haven’t encountered Sci-Fi, Transmedia, and Fandom yet, you should. Natacha Guyot runs that blog, and she’s a fabulouls blogger. Natacha does things her own way, Natachaand she does them with style. She writes roundups, movie reviews, collaborates on projects with other bloggers, and produces consistently thought-provoking articles. She’s also a scholar and vidder. You can find a list of her publications here and a reflection on 8 years of vidding she wrote back in 2013 here. In addition to the topics listed in the title, Natacha also studies fantasy, video games, literature, roleplaying, gender studies, comics, and Bollywood.

Here’s one of Natacha’s videos that I especially enjoy. It uses Babylon 5 scenes and “Lost Without You,” by Darren Hayes and Delta Goodrem to explore family as a theme.

You can find more of Natacha’s videos at her YouTube channel.


Here’s her latest, “May the Force Redeem Us.”

Here’s a post Natacha wrote in April in which she discusses her writing process and why she writes about the topics she does.

I don’t recall how I first met Natacha. Social media does strange things to time and memory. Perhaps it was through an epic conversation back during the winter on women in Star Wars that I recall. That conversation went on for a couple of days on Facebook and migrated onto two or three blogs, if I remember correctly. I met a lot of people by joining in. In any case, I’m glad we met and started talking. Natacha’s an active participant in our Feminist Friday discussions, and has hosted it at her own blog recently. We also tweet together quite often. You can follow her on Twitter @natachaguyot.

If you’re in search of sensitive, well-written articles on a diverse array of topics, give Science Fiction, Transmedia, and Fandom a look. I’m sure you’ll be glad you did.

The Beauty of A Woman

Breasts large or small, all the same,
Yet the delicacy of her frame,
And if her teeth are crooked or nose too long,
With that I see nothing wrong.
Crow’s feet or wrinkles in her skin,
Might make her all the more interesting.
But if in her eyes I can attain,
3 parts wisdom, 1 part pain,
And perhaps a glimmering of light,
A touch of a mischievous sprite,
And a warmth that says she’s true and human,
Here lies the beauty of a woman.

(ed. – You can read more of Marissa’s work at Glorious Results of a Misspent Youth.)

The Purpose of Education for #FeministFriday

The Feminist Friday discussion post is up! I have a little work to do this morning, but will chime in later today.

Comparative Geeks

Hello, and welcome to another Feminist Friday post! After 6 weeks of conversations, which you can find information about here, we realized that we had both barely scratched the surface of Feminism – and that we needed a good starting place, an area to spend more time on. What has been decided on first for focus is Education.

I had volunteered to host a post for Feminist Friday this month, and with the topic of Education, I volunteered to get us started. We’re considering talking about Education through age ranges, from early childhood – before schools even – through childhood, adolescence, and into secondary education – and on into adult education. But before hitting any of that, I felt that the place to start is with the purpose of Education.

While this might especially mean the purpose of formal education systems, I think that the question also applies to…

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