Welcome! And Feminist Friday Discussion Plan

Welcome, new readers! Thanks for your likes, follows and comments. I do hope you’ll stick around.

David and Holly of Comparative Geeks have graciously offered to host the Feminist Friday discussion this week, and I’m very happy about that. I started these chats with the idea of moving them around, and I love it when we have the post and discussion on another blog. David will have a few thoughts on the purpose of education, and I hear it will include polls. I’ll participate on the thread and reblog it as early as I can on Friday. It’s not a discussion you want to miss.

I never tire of posting this pin:

Blogging-wise, this week is shaping up to be even better than I’d hoped. I’ll miss the frequent posting when we return to our normal schedule next week, but I think we’ve made some progress over the last few days.

I like the tone we’re setting for summer.

Pin from Part Time Monster’s Feminism board.

Real People Through The Lens of Batman: Imi Lichtenfeld


by Jeremy Defatta

Happy new book day, everyone! I hope you’re all doing well. This week, I’d like to keep looking at real people through the lens of Batman. This time, I have chosen another martial artist, but of a different sort—Imi Lichtenfeld (or Imi Sde’Or, 1910-1998).

Imi Lichtenfeld was born and lived in the then Czechoslovakian capital of Bratislava. He remained there until 1940, at which point it had been under German occupation for several lichtenfeldyears. He was the son of a police officer, jujitsu master, and circus performer, and he eventually went on to create the martial art called Krav Maga, which is considered one of the deadliest fighting styles ever devised and is practiced to this day by the Israeli Defense Force.

Several things here make me think of Batman when I read about Imi Lichtenfeld. He was trained in boxing, wrestling, Eastern martial arts, and gymnastics at a young age by a father who was also familiar with acrobatics and strongman techniques from his years as a circus performer. All of this contributed to the form of his fighting style. But what of its substance and philosophy?

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Wordless Wednesday



Sinestro #1. Finally. With Minor Spoilers.


by Jeremy DeFatta

Good day, everyone! Here at last is my review of Cullen Bunn and Dale Eaglesham’s Sinestro #1. I will try and keep things general where appropriate, but be forewarned. This review contains spoilers, but hopefully nothing that will ruin the story for potential readers. I hope to go more in-depth with reviews of future issues. Issue #2 is out this week, so look for a review of it soon. I promise it will come out more quickly than this one did. Anyway, let’s dive in.

The issue opens with Thaal Sinestro in self-imposed exile on some miscellaneous alien world with creatures that look like 12-legged sabretooth tigers. He no longer appears to be bound to the Parallax entity, which might be explained in Forever Evil #7, also out this week. Lyssa Drak, keeper of the Book of Parallax, appears to Sinestro and pleads with him to once again take an interest in events across the universe, apparently continuing the mission she began in Green Lantern #23.4 during Villains Month.

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