Feminist Friday Discussion Plan and Catch-Up Post, with Sweet Music at the End

Gretchen of Drifting Through (@gkelly73) tweeted me last night that she plans to write about female body image for Feminist Friday, and I couldn’t be more pleased. I urge everyone who’s been contributing comments to these threads, or even just reading, to visit Drifting Through tomorrow and check out Gretchen’s post.

These Friday discussions are into their sixth week now. The reason I had the idea to start them was because Gretchen, Diana, and I have had a running conversation about gender inequality on comments threads since December or January. You can read the story of how our conversation started in my first discussion post, which asks the question “Is Feminism a useful label any more?”

Here’s a list of the other five posts, in chronological order. Some of them have links to posts on other blogs, and it’s all good stuff.

Thanks to everyone who’s kept this discussion going for so long. I’ll keep at it as long as I see interest and engagement from readers and other bloggers.

Now a progress report for folks who collaborate with me or follow my quest to build a huge network of creative people and use it to promote work that isn’t getting enough attention, and causes that need help.

1. I’m down to four A to Z posts left to write. The A to Z page at The Writing Catalog will be updated with new links by Monday morning at the latest. I just haven’t had the time to do it this week.

2. Twitter lists are set up @Sourcererblog, and just as soon as I have A to Z completely in hand so I can collect my survivor badge fair and square, my priority will be putting everyone on appropriate lists so I can really keep up with you, and so you can find people with similar interests who might follow you back.

3. I haven’t forgotten about marriage equality, LGBTQ equality, The Campaign for Southern Equality (@CSELive), or Mississippi. There have been developments this month that I simply haven’t had time to write about. I’m glad I’m not running an up-to-the minute news blog or a hub for activism. These issues are my first writing priority in May.

4. The Tolkien series at Part Time Monster will be back sometime in May. I’m not sure about the timeline, but once I have Gollum posts near completion, I’ll promote them like a new series of television. I’ll provide a catch-up post to cover how I’m approaching The Lord of the Rings and will link to the posts I’ve written about it so far. In the meantime, if you’re a junkie like me, Check out The Leather Library, A Tolkienists Perspective, and Sweating to Mordor (@LeatherLibrary1, @TolkienistView, @ToMordor).

Pins from Part Time Monster on Pinterest.

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