Weekend (trippy) Music

Well, I think it’s trippy. I don’t know another word to describe it.

Had a bit of a personal situation today. It’s all under control – no drama – but I haven’t even looked at the social media in more than 12 hours. At one point this evening, I called Diana on the phone and had her give me a rundown of the blog discussion, hehe.

I’ll catch up tomorrow.

Feminist Friday Round Three: Rape

This weekend we are discussing sexual assault against women.

First, let’s look at the global picture. Here’s an map from womanstats.org, via Shards of Silence. You can follow them both on Twitter@WomanStats and @shardsofsilence


I’m not sure exactly how this scale was constructed, but I did spend the better part of my evening on Wednesday looking at the womanstats codebook, and just in general, pulling their website apart. I am satisified that they are actually measuring rape here, and this map raises a lot of questions.

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