Feminist Friday Discussion – Topic and Change of Venue

Natacha of Science Fiction, Transmedia, and Fandom has graciously volunteered to host a Feminist Friday discussion tomorrow.

Here’s the topic; you can read the entire announcement at the link.

Tomorrow, I will be hosting a Feminist Friday Discussion, which will be about children and youth media, mostly television and movies, but also literature.

I know the notice is a little short, but I encourage everyone who’s been contributing to our Friday discussions here to check out Natacha’s post and discuss it tomorrow. I’ll reblog it with a brief comment once it’s posted, and will join in on Natacha’s thread.

I’m excited that the discussion is being hosted on another blog this week. When we started this, I hoped we could keep it going long enough to move it around a bit; and it seems we have done that.

Have an awesome weekend!

74 Years of Dick Grayson


by Jeremy DeFatta

Good day, everyone!  I want to give you a brief rundown of the character of Dick Grayson in the years since he stopped being Robin. For most comics readers under the age of 40, Grayson has always been Nightwing, a moniker (oddly enough) originally associated with Superman in the form of a Kryptonian street vigilante in the Bottled City of Kandor (pre-Crisis). Again, weirdness thrived in the Silver Age.

Originally drawing on interactions with Superman (it gets convoluted), Dick Grayson served as Nightwing pretty much continuously from 1984 (pre-Crisis)/1985 (post-Crisis) until 2009 during the Death of Bruce Wayne storyline. (Please check the links if you’d like a rundown of the original Crisis on Infinite Earths story that sought to collapse many of DC’s various eras and parallel earths into a single, cohesive continuity; it is far too complicated not to give it its own series of blog posts).

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