Weekend Music: Ah-Ha!



This was quite a striking video back in the day, when MTV was THE music source and if you didn’t have cable yet, you just had to stay up late and tune into Friday Night Videos. It tells a story, and that story involves a comic. It’s obviously worthy of sharing here. I passed over The Dream Academy and Primitive Radio Gods in favor of this one. Enjoy!

If you’re in the mood to talk about some gender inequality this weekend, head on over to Drifting Through My Open Mind and chime in on the thread.

Feminist Friday Discussion at Drifting Through My Open Mind

This week’s Feminist Friday discussion will be hosted by Gretchen at Drifting Through My Open Mind. After this week, we only have two more of these posts before the next off week on Oct. 31.

Gretchen is a fabulous blogger, and these discussions started as a conversation between Gretchen, Diana, and myself back in December. We’ve come a long way since then, made a ton of good friends, and gotten a lot of bloggers involved in the conversation. So yay!

  1. Here’s Gretchen’s Freshly Pressed post, Would You Talk to  Your Mother Like That? Women and the Internet.
  2. Here’s her first contribution to the Feminist Friday discussion, How has Social Media Affected Women’s Body Image Perceptions?
  3. Here’s an archive of all our discussion posts since we “officially” kicked off the project in March.

On Nov. 7, I’m planning to write the Friday post myself and then step away from these discussions until after the New Year. I’m not stepping away from the blogging about Feminism, talking with Feminist bloggers, or sharing the links for two months, though. I’ve just got too much to do to organize another round of weekly posts before January. I’ll have more details about all this in the wrap-up post. In the meantime, stop by Drifting Through this week, and feel free to chime in if you’re feeling chatty!


I’m told there will be a #FeministFriday post at Drifting Through tomorrow. I am hoping for a good discussion on the thread. If we manage to have one, it will be the sixth Friday in a row that we’ve managed to have a good discussion about gender inequality. I’ll certainly chime in if I have anything to say, and I will read every word of the thread. Remarks about the photo below.

Image © Gene'O, 2014. Free to use with credit, which means a link.

Image © Gene’O, 2014. Free to use with credit, which means a link.

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Feminist Friday Discussion Plan and Catch-Up Post, with Sweet Music at the End

Gretchen of Drifting Through (@gkelly73) tweeted me last night that she plans to write about female body image for Feminist Friday, and I couldn’t be more pleased. I urge everyone who’s been contributing comments to these threads, or even just reading, to visit Drifting Through tomorrow and check out Gretchen’s post.

These Friday discussions are into their sixth week now. The reason I had the idea to start them was because Gretchen, Diana, and I have had a running conversation about gender inequality on comments threads since December or January. You can read the story of how our conversation started in my first discussion post, which asks the question “Is Feminism a useful label any more?”

Here’s a list of the other five posts, in chronological order. Some of them have links to posts on other blogs, and it’s all good stuff.

Thanks to everyone who’s kept this discussion going for so long. I’ll keep at it as long as I see interest and engagement from readers and other bloggers.

Now a progress report for folks who collaborate with me or follow my quest to build a huge network of creative people and use it to promote work that isn’t getting enough attention, and causes that need help.

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