Sunday Roundup – Captain America: Winter Soldier Reviews

We haven’t talked about movies here in a while, so lets do that now. I’m way behind on movies, and haven’t seen most of the newer Marvel films.

I kind of wrote them off after the First Captain America and Thor movies, and the last Iron Man. I thought all those movies were ok, but they didn’t grab me enough to make me┬áspend more time and money on┬áMarvel, because I have precious little of both. I figured I’d wait to see them on cable or borrow a DVD. The things I’m hearing about Captain America: Winter Soldier are making me re-think that decision. Here’s the UK trailer; it’s the coolest one I’ve seen:

Here are three good examples of what I mean, with varying levels of spoilers. I’m hearing things like this in offline conversations, too. People I know who follow the Marvel movies are telling me that even if it’s not quite the best so far, it’s one of the best, and so good as to be re-watchable.

Hannah of Things Matter discusses both the quality of the movie and its inclusion of female characters in a low-spoiler review.

Therefore I Geek has many more spoilers, but gives the movie 5 out of 5 Death Stars, which is high praise indeed.

Lady Geek Girl and Friends includes even more spoilers, but has a fabulous discussion of character development in this movie and talks about what it means for the future of the Marvel movies.

(Thanks, Hannah, for recommending LGG&F to me!).

Here’s the second U.S. trailer. It includes some of the same footage from the one above, but I find the differences in the two interesting.

That song on Justified

I love this song. Just finished the latest season of Justified, and I don’t see why it got “disappointing” reviews. Also watched the premiere of Game of Thrones last night, and as always, I came away wishing the episode had been an hour longer. Now, if only I could find time to catch up on The Walking Dead, Vikings, The Americans, and whatever BBC America has been airing over the last couple of months. It’s kind of ironic. Here we have a pop culture blog, and I’m less in-tune with the pop culture than I was when I started it.