Weekend Music: “Wish You Were Here,” Unplugged

This is a fine performance of one of my favorite songs, and the cello definitely adds something.

Happy Weekend!

Feminist Friday Discussion: Children and Youth Media

I overslept, and I’m still thinking about how to respond to the questions, but do check out Natacha’s post on female characters in children’s programming and think about chiming it.

Natacha Guyot

Even before I discovered the actual term feminism and what it could entails (in good and problematic depending on people’ definition), I was always interested in what it meant to be a girl, what representation of being a girl I saw on television or in books as I grew up. It was always on the back of my mind, even prior to my decision to engage into media studies. I do consider myself a feminist, but in an egalitarian and positive way. I don’t hate men and consider that accepting women as an equal part of the society who deserves same respect is a goal that needs to be attained so we all live in a better world, no matter our gender.

During the past months, I had the chance to read interesting materials that sparked not only my thinking about life in general, but also made me realize of…

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