Feminist Saturday

This is a man doing something constructive with his privilege.


I promised a roundup of Feminist Friday posts, and a roundup ye shall have. Sadly, I was not able to get it together on Friday.

Here’s another post from the site I reblogged yesterday, Drifting Through My Open Mind. This one touches so many issues. I can’t do it justice in a sentence. It talks about empathy, commodification, double standards, depersonalization. Just read it.

A review of American Hustle from a feminist perspective at Part Time Monster. I think that is all I need to say.

A trip in time back to the ’90s courtesy of Loose Change. Complete with video and Bikini Kill reference. I include it here because she’s talking about a 4th Wave in the present tense.

My own thoughts after the cut.

I struggled for hours with this part of the post. I finally decided to save my deep thoughts for another time (they will show up, eventually), and do this instead.

The Feminist Friday tag is a bit depressing. I found only 19 posts there. Seven of them were posted by either me, Diana, or Gretchen from Drifting Through. Eight more were posted by a single blogger – Be Reil. Maybe people are just not tagging their posts Feminist Friday. I don’t know. I was kind of afraid to look, lest I discover feminism to be well and truly dead.  I must say, given the fact that WordPress has a larger population than some countries, I believe we can do better than 19 posts in the Feminist Friday tag.

image: I got it here with a Google search. Beyond that, I have no idea, but I am grateful to whomever snapped the pic, and will happily credit them if I ever find out who it was.

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