The Day We Fight Back


Tuesday is the day the Internet protests against mass surveillance.

I’m not mucking about with our page code to display the automated banner, and I’m not doing lengthy polemic. Here’s the information you need if you want to join in.

Here’s the web page that’s being used to coordinate this effort. You can find info and cool things there to add to your blog or social media profiles.

The Day We Fight Back also has a blog. If you want more info, or you’re in the U.S. and you’re inclined to contact you Senator or Congressman, this would be a good place to start.

If you just want to talk about it with some WordPress friends, or help us keep tabs on this issue by dropping us links when you run across them, the Alliance Against Mass Surveillance has four blogs with project pages that you can comment on.  The pages are similar, but each has its own set of links, and they will still be here once this day of action is over. You can also find The Surveillance Index on our sidebar. This is personal page I just created so that I can list everything we write about surveillance on one place. I’ll update it with new information as we receive it.

Note: This was supposed to post at midnight, but I was in a big hurry and hit the Publish button without thinking. I can’t pull it back because links were posted to all my Publicize channels, so, enjoy! 🙂

image: The Day We Fight Back

Dragon’s Loyalty Award – Thanks!

Thanks to Vijay at Half Eaten Mind for nominating Sourcerer for our second Dragon’s Loyalty Award. I love awards. I think they’re fun, and they’re a good way to pay compliments to other bloggers.  I always say thanks for awards and add the nominations to our awards page, but I do the nomination posts on my own schedule. Nominating 10 or 15 bloggers and doing the questions takes a bit of time and thought, and I like to feel as though I’ve done them justice. Don Charisma picked up this nifty badge from The Bonding Tool, so I thought I’d share it:


Rather than rush to publish a post that isn’t quite ready, I think I’ll do a preview and give you a couple of useful links to help you with your blogging/social media adventures.

Preview: I’ll have a Tolkien post at Part Time Monster later in the week. My series over there is definitely off hiatus. Once I have that post ready to go, I also hope to have some thoughts on how the Zero-to-Hero challenge helped all our blogs, and perhaps a post about my recent Twitter antics. I’m also planning to run a debut post from a new contributor this week, so do tune in.

Now for something helpful. As some of you know, Diana and I are working together to build a social media knowledge base. We store a lot of information on our Facebook fan pages for use later. Here’s an article I picked up over the weekend that explains Twitter limits. It was published in March, so I am not sure what’s changed since then, but I find it useful.  If you’re wondering why the layout of your reblogs changed overnight, here’s an announcement from WordPress. Personally, I like the change.

badge: The Bonding Tool

A.M. #Blog Roundup: Parenting

I spent the weekend writing things that aren’t finished yet, and I have a busy work day ahead, so the daily post will be later than usual today. Let’s start the week off with a roundup.

I was browsing my Twitter feed this weekend and noticed Suzie81 was having a good day with a post she’s thinking about submitting to the Blog Her awards: Why Being a Stay-at Home Parent is the Toughest Job in the World — Written by Someone Without Children.  I read the post and thought it was worth sharing, so Diana and I did what we could to help it along. Apparently, so did a lot of other people – Suzie has a note up today saying it’s been viewed more than 1,000 times since last night. I think that answers the question of whether or not she should submit the post to Blog Her.

Gretchen also had a post about parenting this weekend: Growing Pains (Parenting a Teenage Boy) that I recommend as a must-read.

Alva’s Almanac has moved to Alva’s a good friend and an occasional contributor here, and we’ve been stymied for a couple of months by the fact that we haven’t been seeing “Follow” and “Reblog” buttons in our dashboard when we viewed her site. We’re able to see them now, and we’re  hoping the easy follow option will help Alva find more readers for her work. I’ll change the address on the blogroll as soon as I have a moment.