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I read a story in the print WSJ yesterday that shocked me. I tried to find it online, but couldn’t. Last April, a group of people cut some telephone lines outside San Jose and then proceeded to open fire on an electrical substation with high-powered rifles and destroy all the transformers. It was apparently the electrical substation that causes Silicon Valley to be well-lit. They fired for 20 minutes or so, then melted away into the night.

Authorities had to reroute some stuff and make a few power plants produce extra power to prevent the blackout. It took a month to repair the damage.

The police responding to the 911 call arrived 1 minute after the last transformer went down, and they found no one on the site. To this day, no one has been arrested. I have a few observations after the cut.

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This song was on every jukebox in every dive south of the Mason-Dixon line and east of El Paso for a long time. It lasted into the late 90s.

I suggest listening while you read what I have to say about it.

  • The woman in this story is one of my favorite characters in all of creative literature.
  • This is a very Catholic song. I am not up enough on Ray Charles to know what his beliefs are, but we can talk about Catholic undertones, and overtones, and subtext all day long with it.
  • Ray really outdoes himself in the last minute,and I wish I’d seen him live just once.
  • It is not a real tragedy, because everyone involved knows exactly what they are doing.
  • “If they take me back to Texas, they won’t take me back alive” is just awesome.
  • This is so old, Willie said “phonograph record.” How cool is that?

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