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This is not the best version of this song I have ever seen (I’ve run across quite ¬†few good Grateful Dead performances in my lifetime – they were very savvy with some early film and video), but it is the best live performance on YouTube video I am able to come up with.

This song gets an A+ both for lyrics and for beautifully simple chord progressions.

Feminist Friday; Why It’s Important

My friend Alva wrote this back in December, and I linked to it a few weeks ago because at the time, I wasn’t able to reblog Alva’s Almanac. That problem is sorted out now, and given the number of followers we’ve picked up since this was published, I think it’s worthwhile to reblog it for Feminist Friday. Enjoy!

Roundup: #Friendly #Bloggers

So, I passed out early last night and didn’t write anything for today. Here’s a roundup of recent posts from my “Friendly Bloggers” Twitter list, and a a few remarks explaining what that list is all about.

CompGeekHolly has some thoughts on the appropriation (and misappropriation) of works from the popular culture for use in advertising. It includes a fabulous discussion of a Big Brothers/Big Sisters ad that uses The Hunger Games in a way that makes you wonder if they know what the story is actually about.

Our friend Lyn at Lazy Lady had a nice post earlier this week from New Orleans Comic Con with a lot of awesome photos.

My Wild Surmise reflects on Valentine’s Day, dorm life, and Walter Egan, and wins this week’s award for most amusing headline.

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