Note to Bloggers

Got held up at work, then came home and found my Internet down, so I haven’t had time to browse around for the Feminist Friday roundup. I’m still planning to do one if I can find three good links.

I plan to do a surveillance post this weekend with an update on The Day We Fight Back and our alliance. I’ll be checking in with alliance members in the next day or two. I’m not sure what else I’ll do this weekend, but you know there will be at least a post a day here.

We’ve expanded into Stumbleupon. Jeremy had an old account and stumbled some of our stuff this week. We found a noticeable number of readers that way, so we’ve stumbled a few of our friends to see what it does for them. I don’t have the time to build a totally new network there, but Sourcerer has a Stumble account, followed by only Diana and Jeremy the last time I looked. It occurred to me that I should only Stumble blogs, and invite bloggers to follow us. Stumble feed rankings seem to be determined by likes. So, I am imagining what a large number of bloggers could do on a Stumbler profile that’s dedicated to promoting blogs.

This was so easy to set up I couldn’t pass on the opportunity. Jeremy and Diana have used Stumble in the past, so they know a bit about it. I’m brand new to it, but that is a good thing. It means I can create a stumble feed that contains nothing but good blogs, and anyone who follows me can help those blogs by liking the posts that they find appealing. I’m not just promoting our work with this. I’ll Stumble blogs just because I like them or because I am having conversations with the bloggers who own them.

Eventually I’ll have a dedicated list for every blog I’ve Stumbled. If you have a Stumbleupon account and you’re a blogger, follow me and I will follow you back. I thought since I already posted this on the Facebook page and tweeted it, now would be a good time to mention it.

Most of what I am doing on Twitter is blog-oriented. I re-tweet other bloggers and I use it to communicate with collaborators about what I’m posting and when it’s coming. So, if you have a Twitter account, you might want to go ahead and follow me.

Stick with me. This is a process.

5 thoughts on “Note to Bloggers

  1. Notice how there’s no art here? Notes do not have art. I trust bloggers to read things that concern them. So, when you see a note, and no art, that’s me filling you in on where I am going next. I am working on a Feminist Friday roundup, but I will not get it in on Friday. Three hours with no internet really screwed with my schedule.


  2. As a relative new comer to the blogging world and even newer to the twitter world I appreciate your articles on how you do things – the process. I don’t know how to respond on twitter but I have followed your tagging advice and have to admit didn’t really understand the password but I don’t know if that was you or half-eaten mind. As I said I haven’t worked out twitter at all. Cheers


    • Hey, thanks for talking back!! We’re all in this together.

      I was on Twitter for months before I figured it out. Go to the top of the Twitter screen and find @Connect. That will show you all the people who favorite your tweets or retweet you or tweet things at you. I’m glad you like the posts about how I do things. I am learning, too, and trying to share what works for me. I’ll have more of that stuff in the next week or two.

      The password thing was Half Eaten Mind, I was just sharing it, but passwords are pretty important if you do a lot of stuff online.

      And cheers to you, too!


  3. I appreciate the process posts, too. It’s nice to see the pros and cons of all the networking avenues available for bloggers and writers. Thanks for sharing.


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