#WeekendCoffeeShare: Using the Linky

I noted a minor issue with the #WeekendCoffeeShare linky while ago, so posting this instead of the usual photo today. The linky works just fine, but the labels on the data entry fields confused me, so I am assuming they’ll confuse a few other people as well.

Adding Your Link

Here is a screenshot to show you where all the info should go.

Linky_InstructionsTake a look at Trent’s link at the the top of the screenshot. That’s what a properly-entered link should look like. This is confusing because the labels are below the fields they represent instead of at the top, and they have colons. I did mine wrong the first time, and had to delete it and do it again.

To Delete Your Link

If you do it wrong and need to start over, hover your mouse over your link URL on the Linky list until the mouseover appears. A tiny trash can will appear at the end of the URL, and you can use it to remove the link from the list.

This is a minor annoyance. The linky tool we are using right now is the only free one Diana could find. Once we are satisfied that the blog link-up part of this is going to fly, and we get a few bucks into our development budget, we will find ourselves a more user-friendly tool.

Thanks to everyone for joining in. I’ll retweet as many of your #WeekendCoffeeShare tweets as time allows this afternoon.

8 thoughts on “#WeekendCoffeeShare: Using the Linky

  1. Gene’o I am sorry I have nearly finished my If we were having coffee for tomorrow but I cannot find the Linky page with a screen shot as you have show I have followed links on your page and Diana’s …I have linked you the usual way in the post but am I going made I have used these Linkys before! Sorry to bother you! 😉 xxxx


    • Hey! There is a little blue icon at the bottom of Diana’s post. When you click it, it should open the list in a new window.

      Click the “Add Link” button, and you should see a set of text entry fields that look like the ones in the screenshot, except the fields will be blank. I added the text just to make the explanation more clear.

      Eventually, we’ll get a tool that allows the list to display on the thread, but for now, this seems to be our only option.

      It’s no bother. Thanks for joining in!

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      • Thank you so much for the explanation I do feel a twit! 🙂 Thank you again. I shall add the posts as soon as I receive Paul’s and edit it up for him thanks again! It is lovely to be able to join in as we do this post weekly. 🙂 xx

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    • You’re welcome. I goofed up my own, then noticed two other people who know a thing or two about using blogging tools also got confused.

      I suppose I’m the support department today 😉

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