Not-So-Silent Saturday: Mosaic Bunny

mosaic rabbit

Photo by Gene’O, 2014.

First photo of 2015. A detail from the Cinderella mosaic on the ground floor of the castle at Walt Disney World. It’s the only one of my mosaic photos that came out well enough to post. I am unhappy in general with my photos from that trip. The one problem I have with the phone camera is that sometimes the photos look good until you get them on a big screen, and I had a lot of those. Ah, well. Life goes on.

I decided not to go wordless with this first one because I sort of buried the info about the photoblogging in the preview yesterday. So here’s a preview just for those of you who have asked about the photos.

  • Photo features will run in the afternoons unless they are all we have for the day. By March I hope to be posting six photos a week here.
  • Wordless Wednesdays will be back this Wednesday.
  • Tuesday Textures start back up the following week, January 13.
  • Silent Saturdays and Silent Sundays will be our primary weekend posts here for at least the next month, because we are in a lull with weekend features and rebuilding our early-week content.
  • Muted Mondays will get rolling at some point, likely in February, perhaps sooner.
  • I also plan to do Throwback Thursdays and feature my best photos from last year, but this will be the last one I start back up.
  • I’ve offered Diana one or possibly two regular wordless photos features for Part Time Monster, but we’ve not worked out details. More on that later.
  • For the immediate future, I am not doing photo features at Just Gene’O, but I will continue to use my original photos to illustrate my posts there.

We’re on our way back to being a two-post-a-day blog during the week. This will take a while, but hopefully we can get that going earlier this year than we did in 2014.

Happy Blogging!