Weekend Music and January Preview


Minneapolis folk rock band Reina del Cid and the Cidizens. I discovered them a few days ago when I was browsing YouTube for New Year music and came up with the fabulous bluegrass video in this post. They’re awesome enough, and have enough videos available, to warrant their own category on the Playlist. I’ll be sharing more of them.

Toni Lindgren, who plays the harmonica in this video, is also quite an amazing guitarist. Reina’s YouTube channel has videos going back six years, and the process of development from the early stuff to the most recent is fascinating. You can also find them on Facebook and on Twitter @ReinaDelCid.

The Preview

As always, plans are subject to change. Blogging is a fluid activity. Sometimes we find things on short notice we just have to jump on. Sometimes contributors have things come up that are more important than posting on a blog. In those cases we have to make adjustments. But this is what we’re shooting for, and we’re mostly set through the 19th.

  • I am announcing new contributors on Monday and Tuesday of next week. I am saving the details about their topics and schedules for the announcement posts, but they include a frequent contributor, a twice-monthly contributor, a monthly contributor, and a contributor who has a standing invitation to guest post.
  • Comics features start back up on Wednesday with a post from David. We may need throw in a few reblogs and roundups later in the year to get through to Spring, but I’m committed to keeping the comics posts going.
  • Diana will finish her American Horror Story run on Thursdays (or Fridays, depending on her schedule, but we’re trying to keep them to Thursdays). Once that ‘s done, we’ll figure out something else to do on that day.
  • Photoblogging resumes this weekend with two wordless photo features, and of course, I’ll continue the weekend music.
  • Once we get through next week, posts from our new contributors will run mostly on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Longer-Term Plans

Will has something interesting in the works, and that’s all I am saying about it until it’s ready to go. Jeremy is still very much in the game. We’ve not reached the point of figuring out a timetable, but he will definitely be back later in the year.

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